Monday, August 9, 2010

Post #500

It's back to work for me today, which is probably a good thing.  I don't want to get too used to pretending that my home is an office used for all things music... or do I?

Over the last few years, I've found a ton of things that I Like, Love and Hate about blogging.  Here are some of those things:

- I like the fact that people who I didn't realize read my blog will tell me in person that they liked something I wrote.  "Hey Tony, I really enjoyed the blog where you didn't know if you crapped your pants!"  Something like that...

- I love when people take it to the next level and actually comment.  G$ is the only true every day commenter, which is awesome because we went to elementary school together, but I would definitely like to encourage more people to comment on a regular basis.  Even if (especially if) you disagree with what I say. 

- I hate anonymous trolls that comment just to be A-Holes.  It's unnecessary.  If you can't even put an internet alias as your signature to your useless comment, then don't bother leaving it.  This happens less frequently on my blog than I have seen on other blogs, but it is very annoying. 

- I like when I actually have something to write about that is relevant to sports, music or the world in general.  Having a topic in mind is the first step toward writing a good blog. 

- I love when that topic actually turns out a few witty jokes making this blog enjoyable.  Sometimes I hold back the filthy jokes because of my less than anonymous moniker, but when I can keep it relatively clean and still funny- that is the perfect balance here at Second Rate Blog. 

- I hate when I have nothing to say and struggle through a blog that is clearly pointless.  Whether you love or hate the LOST live blogs, Wednesday was a load off my mind and helped me know exactly what I was doing at least one day a week.  I bet there are less mail-in posts when I have something regular on the schedule. 

- I like writing about current events in sports and music.  I also like writing about my own music career and how it is coming along.  I'm not sure if it is always interesting, but at least it keeps everyone updated in case I become the next Justin Bieber (I still don't get what the hype is all about on that guy?) 

- I love writing about weird things that happen to me during the day.  You all might remember the guy from Best Buy that sang "The Bear Necessities" or how about Steroid Guy from the gym.  Regular (but odd) people that do weird things are quite possibly the best topics that a blogger can harvest. 

- I hate coming up with a good idea only to have it fail within the blog, or be copied.  My "Jersey Shore vs. The NFL" may or may not have been copied by some dudes over on the user blogs of, but it was odd to see it there 8 days later than my post.  I'm over it now, I just hate when it happens.  No fun at all.  (Although, I think I came close to accidentally copying G$'s post on "Teen Wolf" so I guess it's possible that those dudes had no idea I'd ever written a post comparing the Jersey Shore crew to the NFL.) 


Last, I hate the fact that while chewing gum on Sunday, I almost bit through my tongue.  Seriously.  It was bleeding like mad, but luckily I didn't need emergency medical attention.  Terrible week to do something like that as I have 3 shows and a showdown of Tim Lincecum vs. Ryan Dempster to attend (Tuesday.)  It seems like it's ok, and I've been told the tongue heals quite fast.  I may never chew gum again.  I mean, it's not like I'm a dimwitted blond from Valley High.  Beat-Bu-Beat-Bu-Bu-Bu-Beat Go Bayside!  Catch you all tomorrow...


GMoney said...

I know what you mean. At the Ace's wedding this weekend, I had a bunch of people stroking my ego that I had no idea read my stuff. Hell, even a couple wives/fiances thought that I had a funny post somewhere along the way. It's nice to feel appreciated even if it is for something as irrelevant as writing on the internet. Keep up the good work, TB.

Tony B. said...

Thanks G$! For the record, you deserve the ego strokes as your blog is damn (inappropriate and) hilarious.

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