Tuesday, August 24, 2010

This Time Around - Order The Album Now!

(Inside panel of the album above, the cover was posted a couple days ago) 

Because I want to reward folks who come to my blog and read my (at times ridiculous) daily posts, I've set up PayPal purchase buttons in the sidebar to order the album.  You can also use major credit cards to purchase.  You have two options:

1) Order the album - $12.65 out the door.  If you want it autographed, then just write that in the field that allows you to include "special instructions" for the seller.

2) Order the album + an autographed promotional poster - $22.49 out the door.  The promotional posters are on their way to me, so those might take a few more days to get them in the mail.  The poster is getting autographed unless you specifically note that you don't want it written on.  Also, by default I will not autograph the album in this package unless you specifically ask for it to be autographed. Here is what the poster looks like:

KEEP IN MIND- I'm packaging and sending all of these myself!  I will get them out to you ASAP, and depending on the day, I may ship them quickly.  But if there are any delays, cut me some slack!

This offer is limited.  I'm only sending out 25 poster/album combos, so if you want that option, it is in your best interest to buy it now!  I'm limiting the "album only" button to 100.  Once those run out, you will still be able to get the album at shows, on iTunes, and CDBaby.com (among other online stores.)  Remember, the regular release date is 9/21/10, so you're getting in on this first!


GMoney said...

First CD that I've bought since Red, White, and Crue was released!

Tony B. said...

Yes G$! Thanks man!

GMoney said...

Fuck it, I just bought your other CD, too. Thanks for not costing much!

Tony B. said...

Excellent- I'm honored to sit beside Def Leppard, Danzig, and Motley Crue in your CD collection.

The CD is already in the mail. Thanks again, G$.

GMoney said...

Good because I've got some driving ahead of me the next two weekends.