Saturday, October 1, 2011

This Time Around

(Re-posted from September 2010.) 


The brand new album is done.  I have a release date set for 9/21/10.  More than likely I'll put up a "limited time only" shop button that will allow you to buy the album in advance.  More details will follow once I have all my "ducks in a row."  As you can see, though, I've changed my blog's look to more closely match the new album artwork. 

If you buy a copy and want it autographed, just send me an email or message with the purchase, and I'll autograph it before it goes out.  If you need something personalized, just let me know exactly what you want it to say and I'll get it done.  I'm not cocky enough to believe that everyone/anyone wants my autograph so you've got to let me know!  

The album sounds great, and I'm very proud of it.  I'll write up an in-depth post of the process, hurdles, and my favorite aspects of the album.  In the meantime, collect your pennies and get ready to help me pay back the company that pressed the CD for me!


Rae said...

AAAH! I love it! And I want one! Autographed, of course :P

GMoney said...

I would like a lock of hair.

You take PayPal? I have an assload of bloggin' money in my paypal account that is just sitting there. Thankfully, won't let me do direct transfers though.

Tony B. said...

Rae - thanks for the support. Of course you can get an autograph!

G$ - The purchase button once I get it all set up will be through PayPal, so I will be happy to take some of your dormant bloggin' money.

GMoney said...

And about that lock???

Tony B. said...

I'll give you a lock, but it might not be from my head.