Friday, August 13, 2010

This Weekend's Adventure

Last night's show was a lot of fun.  The Fox & Goose is a fun place to play, and the bonus is that the place has its own PA and it's close to my apartment.  BAM!  Thank you so much to everyone who came out- it was a fun show. 

The adventure this weekend leads me back to the Peppermill.  I know I'm getting quite the reputation for going there often, but when you find a cool spot it's hard to go anywhere else.  Between my Be The High Roller contest entry and my multiple trips, I'm a walking billboard for this place.  This time, however, there is an even more special reason to go up there- my friends Mark and Rebecca are getting married.  Of course, the wedding is happening an hour further up, but the Peppermill seems like a reasonable place to stay. 

I do have today off work in order to play a private show in Roseville at 1pm, then go up to Reno afterward. 

Also, Ronnie on Jersey Shore is a trainwreck!  I'm only halfway through the episode, but this guy is sloppy.  Handle yo s*** Ronnie!

Catch you all on Monday!

1 comment:

GMoney said...

You can afford to be a trainwreck when your "girl" is the biggest wet blanket in the history of the world. I'm pretty sure that he could bang a dead chick while she watched and Sammi would still smush him that night.

"Wanna fuck?"
--wrong answer, Vinny. Emilio (Estevez?) gonna beat your ass.