Thursday, September 16, 2010

"Be The High Roller" FAQ

There clearly is some confusion about this contest and it is, of course, the perfect contest to bring out the haters, so I figured I'd post some clarification on specific issues that people are hating on.  It's better that I steam off here than on the Peppermill's Facebook, I suppose.

Q: If you're such a "high roller" why aren't you acting like one? 

A: This contest was NOT "Be The Best Current High Roller" at the Peppermill.  It was geared to give us common folk a contest to show off our creativity and love for the Peppermill.  It was also a marketing campaign geared toward getting new demographics interested in going to the Peppermill.  Luckily, my wife and I fit one of those new demographics (mid-late 20s/early 30s couples that will get hooked now and continue going to the Peppermill for years to come.)

Q: Would a "high roller" really eat at Oceano?  (This was from a lady who was hating on the Peppermill Facebook page.) 

A: If a big time player was at the Peppermill over the course of 5 days, then they probably would eat at all the restaurants- maybe.  In the context of this contest, it doesn't really matter.  The point of the videos were to showcase every restaurant, club, and shop that the Peppermill has to offer along with chronicling our awesome experience.

Q: Wait a second- aren't you supposed to bring an entourage?  The contest said you can bring "up to three people with you."  Did Mrs. B. not allow you to bring friends?! (Again, thanks for hating you bitter, angry lady.)

A: Quite the opposite.  We go to the Peppermill pretty often with our friends John and Katrina (there is another couple, Jen and Brandon, who also come up with us and we all have a great time.)  John and Katrina were noted on my original "Be The High Roller" profile as the people who I would take if I won (along with Mrs. B.)  Katrina was out of town until Friday at a conference in Washington D.C.  John is an officer of the law and was scheduled for court on Friday afternoon.  They drove up immediately on Friday, were stuck in traffic, and arrived around 7:15pm.  You will see them in future videos as they were posted.

Q: Do you really like/love the Peppermill as much as you say you do?  

A: Have you ever read my blog?  No?  Well search "Peppermill" in the search field at the top and see what comes up.  I had my bachelor party there.  I've had great times there.  I've won and lost money there.  I've been wasted there.  I've taken Mrs. B. there for her birthday.  I've gone there for guys' poker trips.  Counting this past amazing trip, I've been there 4 times in the last 7 weeks.  Yes, I love the Peppermill. 

Q: Was it hard work making the videos? 

A: Yes and no.  Yes, because we did do a lot of filming.  At times it was exhausting, but I understood that the price of our ridiculous vacation was to be repaid by making promotional videos for them to use.  No, because Eric, Morgan, and Lonny were SO AWESOME.  They made it easy to just have fun and relax while making the videos.  We did multiple takes for some things, and others were completely natural, one take videos.  I am proud of them.

Q: Come on "high roller"- why aren't you betting more per hand on gambling?  

A: Well, they gave me a gambling stipend, and I'm not actually rich.  I hate Blackjack and was risking a lot of my own stipend on the filmed hands.  I was still gambling smart and steady during the trip, and I came up ahead by a lot.  It was not a life changing amount of money (as in, I'm not rich now), but I'm either going to buy a guitar and leave the rest in savings, or keep it all in my savings account and put it toward a downpayment on a future house (it is not close to enough to make a full downpayment.)  Had the cameras been allowed to watch the entire time, I did turn up my Craps game to place a base bet of $25, while backing up each number with the max ($75 for 4 and 10, $100 for 5 and 9, and $125 for 6 and 8.)  This creates a risk of at least $100 per number per dice roll.  I typically use the Pass and Come Lines to play 3 total numbers at a time.  I'm fairly certain that is "high rolling." 


If there are any other questions, I'd be more than happy to answer them.  I understand now how athletes can lose their minds after listening to people hating on them.  I used to think, "That reporter is just baiting you, how can you fall for that again!"  I get it now.  It takes a strong person to let criticism roll off your back and not think about it. 

However, I will not lose my mind, just answer questions and explain what we did during our once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  If you want to hate on us or the promotion, so be it.  We had a blast the entire time, truly feel humbled and lucky, and made new friends along the way.  Those are things that can't be taken away no matter what.


Mrs. B said...

Well said, sir. At least no one has called us ugly. (yet)

GMoney said...

Why the hell did this casino give a couple of uggo's the VIP treatment!!!

Tony B. said...

You set us up for that one Mrs. B.

If they had a sport for joking around and smack talk, G$ would be a professional.

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