Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"Be The High Roller" Recap Chapter 2

While standing in the rain on the Sacramento Airport jet way, I was tasked with opening a bottle of Dom (as seen on the video.)  I was a tad nervous and the wrap over the wire which was over the cork was still on.  It took me a minute, but I awkwardly ripped off the wrapping and finally popped open the champagne.  With our champagne glasses full, we climbed into the private jet and were immediately blown away.  Neither of us had ever flown first class, let alone in a private jet!  There were a group of four seats facing each other.  We sat in two and faced Morgan, Eric and Lonny (as you recall from yesterday- that is the Be The High Roller crew that we hung out with for 5 days straight!)  Lonny filmed while Eric took pictures and Morgan interviewed us.  Maybe it is easier to just show you the video:

It was a whirlwind from there.  24 minutes after take off, we landed at the Reno airport (MUCH better than the usual 2.5 hour drive!)  We had more champagne and hopped into the limo.  There was beer in the Peppermill limo, so I helped myself.  It took just a couple minutes to drive to the promised land (aka the Peppermill) and we shot a quick video of us entering near the Bell Desk.  Shortly after that, we entered the fabled VIP services room.  It is a pretty huge room!  Morgan and the crew checked us in and quickly brought us up to room 1610- the Penthouse Suite.

Our room was legit!  It had a full living room, bar area, pantry, dining table and chairs, multiple TVs (4 total), a separate bedroom, huge bathroom, and jacuzzi.  The windows were floor to ceiling and overlooked the entire city of Reno (the strip was in the distance.)  It was amazing!  (Author's note- I truly apologize for using the words "amazing," "fantastic," "delicious," "great," and "wow."  I'm thinking of investing in a Thesaurus with my winnings from the week.)  Also, once Katrina and John arrived on Friday, they had the adjoining room- perfect! 

Of course, we carried none of our bags, they were just delivered to the room.  Eric, Morgan, and Lonny took us to Romanza for some fancy Italian food.  We were greeted by the manager and our server (whose name is slipping my mind at the moment, but he was a nice young guy) was feeding us drinks immediately.  We filmed a quick spot and the crew left us to have a romantic dinner.  The only "interruption" was when they brought over George (director of casino gaming) with our daily gambling stipend.  Yes- you heard me correctly.  "Daily gambling stipend" is literally one of my all time favorite phrases.  I received $1000 in Free Play per day.  Mrs. B. got $200 in Free Play per day for the first two days, and once our friends (John and Katrina) got there on Friday, the two of them and Mrs. B. received $250 in Free Play each.  Crazy, right?

(Author's note: Free Play is not in fact real money when you received it.  If you were play a hand of blackjack with a $25 Free Play chip and win, they would take away the Free Play chip and give you a real $25 chip.  Doing my quick math, I was pleased if I could turn 50% of all the Free Play into real money.  I don't want to get into specific amounts of what I walked away with, but my 50% rule worked out well and actually the tables were fairly hot during my entire stay, making this quite a dream trip.) 

After my Italian Mixed Grill at Romanza (holy scrumtrulencent meal!), we went to the classic Fireside Lounge next to the Coffee Shop.  This is the original throwback bar in the Peppermill.  It has fire pits surrounded by pink couches.  It's such a cool retro place that serves excellent drinks.  In fact, I stepped up from my usual Jack Daniels and diet to Gentleman Jack and diet.  In retrospect, it was funny to watch us transition from humbled and overwhelmed to humbled, in control of ordering top shelf liquor and charging everything to the room.  It really is wild how your brain just gets used to ordering like a "high roller."  It was so nice to say to Mrs. B., "Sure Sweetie, you'd like to order $15 tea directly up to the room?  Do it!"  What a pleasurable and unexpected way to celebrate our 1 year anniversary!

Here is our chat with Morgan from the Fireside Lounge:

After our quick chat and drink, Mrs. B. and I wandered back up to the room to relax for a few minutes, take a breath and just enjoy this whole overwhelming experience.  We walked around our suite just taking it all in.  We were honored, humbled, excited, and surreal. 

We unpacked and made ourselves at home, then we went down to gamble the night away.  We both did fairly well.  Especially Mrs. B.!  She turned over 100% of her Free Play into real money!  I actually gave her a drunk lecture about how she was not playing Video Poker correctly.  Minutes later, she hit a four of a kind with a bonus kicker and I ate my words, "You know what?  Don't listen to me!  You are obviously playing great!"  Eventually, we collected our cash and went back to our phenomenal room.  In fact, we took a bath in the jacuzzi before going to bed!  Just living the life! 

Tomorrow... my first web commercial/offer!  So comical, ridiculous, and fun! Also, the spa, Oceano, gaming and getting to know the amazing "Be The High Roller" crew!


GMoney said...

$1000 per day? That's INSANE!!! Were you allowed to use any of that in the sportsbook?

I am so jealous still and it's not going to help matters knowing that there are 3 more posts about this!

Tony B. said...

Well Commander, once I gambled the Free Play and turned it into real money, I could then place bets at the Sports Book. So yes, I had some bets throughout the weekend.

The posts keep getting even more ridiculous so stay tuned!

On a more personal note, I've realized I am a pretty decent gambler on Craps, Poker, and Video Poker. HOWEVER- I'm awful at sports betting. I don't know why. Can you help me with some advice? Do you bet games straight up or do parlays? Over/unders? I'm a knowledgeable sports fan but I can't seem to come out ahead when dealing with betting lines. I need some tips G$!

(PS: I bet $20 on the Bears at -6.5 on Sunday. I knew the line sucked but I was the High Roller! I had to be my team. Damn them for not converting that 2 pointer near the end of the game- we don't need to mention that Megatron catch/not a catch thing.)

GMoney said...

Well, never bet on your own team for starters. Your judgement of the game is already compromised.

Don't bet on underdogs unless you think that they can actually win the game.

Double-digit home dogs should almost always be wagered on as shitty teams play harder at home.

Tony B. said...

These are really helpful tips. Feel free to leave more or just email me. Are there any rules about betting against anOSU? Your blog has made me hate them with a passion.

GMoney said...

Quite the opposite actually. They cover about 80% of the time. I've made more money on them than I have lost.