Friday, September 17, 2010

"Be The High Roller" Recap Chapter 5

The next part of our adventure was going to what is probably our favorite restaurant at the Peppermill, Chi.  If you ever go to the Peppermill, make sure you go to this restaurant- it has the best Chinese food I've ever had.

Unfortunately, our friends John and Katrina were stuck in traffic so they were unable to join us for dinner.  We were given the almond towels (that we speak highly of in the video) before our meal, before our dessert, and after our dessert.  That's right- 3 sets of almond towels.  Check the video, I smell that thing like three times!  What am I doing?  I guess I'll never know...

Our server, Miriam, was on top of everything and did a great job throughout our dinner.  We even met the manager, Patrick, who was a jovial man that made us laugh a bunch.  It was a really fun and filling dinner:

After Chi, Mrs. B. and I went to film a quick segment at EDGE Nightspot. We were supposed to go there for the Salsa lessons, which we participated in a bit, but the coolest part was us being out on the dance floor alone and having the fog machine on. I do not claim to be the best dancer, but I think this dance video turned out alright:

John and Katrina went to Biscotti's to eat while we were shooting, but once we were done, we decided to go say hello to them. We were able to catch up with them during their meal and prepare for the night to come.

Being the "High Roller," they set us up with the VIP room at EDGE. This works out quite well because John and I are not the biggest club goers. Mrs. B. and Katrina both enjoy dancing, but I think our status as married couples is starting to phase out our serious club going.

However, this VIP room was awesome. They brought us a bottle of Grey Goose with 6 different kinds of mixers. We had our own private room next to the dance floor with 2 massive TVs. One TV had the dance floor on it, and the other was hooked up to a Nintendo Wii. John and I played Tiger Woods and Bowling over the next few hours (along with destroying that bottle of Grey Goose.) Yeah, you have it right.  We were inside of club, away from the crowded dance floor, and playing video games.  Best club experience ever!

Before we could fully relax, we did shoot some footage out on the dance floor. They put my name up in neon lights over the dance floor which was pretty sweet:

After our time in the club was over, we went back to the room, changed into more comfortable clothes, the girls went off on their adventures, and John and I played Craps until 6am. I did not throw up, but the next morning was ROUGH. I woke up around 10:15am and got everyone to rally. John was not feeling great, either, but we were supposed to meet the BTHR crew at noon at the Island Buffet. I went down to make a quick College Football parlay (worst bets ever), then came back up to finish getting ready. We made it down on time, filmed a quick spot, then heaped piles of food onto our plates. My strategy was to get eat lots of carbs in order to soak up the alcohol from the night before. Mission accomplished. That had to be my first priority, however, we were headed to the pool at 2pm so the carbs probably didn't help me look great on video. Oh well, I suppose we'll see those videos as they are released.

Special Saturday post: Pool, I play music, Bimini Steakhouse, a pseudo focus group, John and I kill it at a Craps table, the Sports Book, and the end of our journey.


Mrs. B said...

Oh no, I forgot about the pool scene. :::shudder::: At least then everyone will know for sure that we're real people and hopefully our guts will portray us as relate-able?

GMoney said...

Hmmmm, pounding the Goose all night and a high carb breakfast? Are you sure that you didn't outdo Harry Dunn?

Tony B. said...

The pool video will probably be scary. Oh well, though.

G$, unfortunately my bowels at this point were as strong as "The Situation's" abs. I did not unleash any more unreasonable demons during the rest of the vacation.

You are tempting me to watch "Dumb & Dumber" this weekend, though.

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