Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bears vs. Packers [whistle blows] Flag on this Blog's Title!

"Holding on the offense.  10 yard penalty.  Repeat 2nd down."

"Roughing the QB.  15 yard penalty.  Automatic 1st down."

"Pass interference on the defense.  Ball will be placed at the spot of the foul.  1st down."

Should I keep going?  I have 14 more if you're interested.  Penalties ultimately helped put the Bears in an easier position to win last night's game.  Here is my overall assessment of the game:

- Aaron Rodgers is scary.  He's easily a Top 5 QB in the league and is so exacting I might start calling him "Dexter."  The Packers really let him down last night with mental errors that turned into penalties. 

- Jay Cutler showed some shades of last year by throwing an interception and almost throwing a few more.  Desmond Clark dropped a 4th and Goal pass that should've been caught, but otherwise the Bears' offense does look much better than last year.  The Mike Martz experiment seems to be going well. 

- Julius Peppers was a HUGE signing for the Bears.  He didn't have any sacks, but his presence alone was a big factor.  He also blocked a field goal that surely would've gone in. 

- Devin Hester is still the man!  It has been way too long since he broke off a punt a return for a TD.  Had he beat the punter on his first one, he would've had two.  Teams probably need to go back to kicking it out of bounds. 

- In the end, neither the Bears or the Packers played their best games.  It's clear that Jay Cutler is much improved but not at the level of Aaron Rodgers.  The game was a lot of fun to watch (for me- I don't know if the unbiased viewer feels the same way) and I am beyond stoked that the Bears are the last undefeated team in the NFC. 

Am I thinking the Bears are going all the way to the Super Bowl?  Nope, not proclaiming anything like that just yet.  Am I excited about the Bears start and where they can go from here?  You bet your ass I am!  Here are their next 5 games:

@ Giants
@ Panthers
vs. Seahawks
vs. Redskins
@ Bills (in Toronto)

This schedule sets up quite nicely.  The Giants and Redskins will both play the Bears tough, but I think they other games will go the Bears' way.  I admit, the back end of their schedule is pretty rough, but even if they get to 6-2 or 7-1 they will be looking good for the playoffs.  You have to love the NFL- sometimes it is just impossible to know what to expect!


Mrs. B said...

I really like this little deal we've got going! You buy me cute Sports gear: I wear it enthusiastically. When games are on: you buy us burritos and taquitos. Bears win: you're in a great mood. They better keep it up! I could get used to this!!

Tony B. said...

Here's to hoping! This is making up for baseball season so far.

GMoney said...

OK, first of all, that was sort of gift-wrapped for the Bears as an early Xmas present. Not that I'm complaining or anything because I bet the Bears +3.5, but I feel like the Bears won by default.

Cutler getting all pumped because his god awful throw on the last drive that got picked was flagged was just sad. He's still the same old shitbrick.

WHY IN THE HELL DID THE BEARS NOT TAKE THREE KNEES AT THE END!!! That was killing me. Did they really not care that the Packers are more than capable of scoring on Peanut Tillman with over a minute left? Mike Martz is a tard.

BUT, Rodgers, Finley, and the Pack D needed to get 18 for me to be tied last night and they only got 17 (td heavy league for scoring). I am very happy.

Tony B. said...

Dude, Cutler can get excited for any call that goes his way. If a ref made a call that benefited my team in the 4th quarter of the men's league basketball game you better believe I'm going to be pumped.

No idea why the Bears didn't just knee the ball. I'm glad it worked out though.

I'm glad you won your fantasy football game. I also won mine on the back of the Packer defense and the leg of Mason Crosby.