Monday, September 20, 2010

A Case of the Mondays

This weekend was a welcome retreat from the work week.  Since Mrs. B. and I went on our extreme High Roller adventure last week, then went straight back to work, this weekend was used to re-energize.  I've got a few stories, but overall, this blog is on pace to be much tamer than last week (obviously.)

Friday: Mrs. B. and I got off work and went to this fairly new Mexican cafe in downtown Sacramento.  This place is cheap and delicious.  I forget the name exactly, but it's close to Cafe Capricio or something like that.

After digesting the food, I went to the gym.  Yep.  I went to the gym at 10pm on a Friday night.  It was not the coolest move I've ever made, but I did watch the end of the Cal/Nevada-Reno game.  So awesome that Cal lost, though I know there are a lot of Cal fans in the area who disagree with me.  I officially hate Cal though, and have somewhat adopted Nevada-Reno as a team I like the root for, so as a fan, I was very in on this upset.

Saturday: I played at the Farmer's Market in Vacaville at 9am.  I played every song from my new album and a bunch of cover tunes.  Mrs. B. videoed some of the songs, however, she was not watching the screen, so I'm not sure if much of it is usable.  Though, I admit, it is pretty hilarious to watch the sky and the top of the tent while I'm singing in the background.

After the Farmer's Market, we stopped at Petsmart to grab some things for our two cats, Cosmo and Juliette.  We got them some new toys, a food bowl, a pillow to lay on and and scratcher.  They are officially living in the lap of luxury.

We drove back to Sacramento quickly to drop off the stuff for the cats, and freshen up.  We left around 2:45pm for San Jose.  Our friends, Stephen and Vanessa had a house warming/birthday part that we were determined to get to.

It was fantastic to see some friends we hadn't seen in awhile, however, the best story I have is from right before we got to the party.  Mrs. B. and I parked down the block and ran into another couple as we were walking up.  The Evite address said "5042" and we parked closer to "5080."  On the way down the street, we saw a San Jose Sharks sign in the window of a house and figured it was our friends' new house (they are huge Sharks fans.)  We walked up to "5052" and I thought- "Hmm, that's weird, but it must have been a typo." 

We miscalculated the fact that we WERE IN SAN JOSE and that everyone is Sharks fans.  I confidently walked up to the door and opened it without knocking, and held the door for Mrs. B. and the other couple (because I'm a gentleman.) Unfortunately, this was NOT our friends' house and the people inside were surprised to see us.  They directed us down the block (two houses over) and we almost allowed their two dogs to escape down the block.  Luckily, the dogs didn't escape, so no harm no foul.  I explained our mistake (that we went into the house with the Sharks sign) and they said, "Well, we do love the Sharks!  GO SHARKS!"  I think I responded with an embarrassed inaudible grumble and we left ASAP.

Sunday: We did make it back to Sacramento by around 12pm on Saturday night, so I figured I'd be sleeping in.  However, my cat Cosmo didn't think that we bought him enough crap or he wanted some attention and decided to wake me up around 7am.  I have a very hard time sleeping in if interrupted, so I woke up and decided to start cleaning and doing laundry.  I mean, it was three full hours before the Bears were on, so I might as well be productive.

On to the game- THAT WAS A GREAT GAME.  I tempered my enthusiasm before the season started because the Bears played like dog crap in the preseason.  Now, I still have realistic expectations, but I see what they are doing.  Their offense looks MUCH BETTER this year.  Jay Cutler is slinging the ball down field and it is fun to watch.  Their offensive line absolutely has to improve or it will be their eventual downfall, but I like the direction they are going.  Their pass defense isn't where it should be but their run defense looks fantastic.  I'm not sure if the Bears are better than everyone thought or if the Cowboys are worse than everyone thought, but I have a feeling it's a bit of both.  Next week on Monday Night, the Bears host the Packers.  That will be a great barometer to see how good the Bears actually are.

This week we got a free preview of the RedZone channel.  Holy jeez that thing is legit!  I feel bad though because we just re-negotiated our Comcast bill, so I'm not sure I can add that to the bill at this point.  I'll have to find a way...

Last, I'm a terrible Fantasy Football.  I'm going to have to accept that.  However, I'd like to thank Matt Schaub for gifting me a victory this week.  I'm an idiot and benched Donovan McNabb in favor of Carson Palmer in my other league.  So dumb.

It was a great weekend, overall.  Much needed battery re-charge.

PS: No chance I'm proofreading this post.  I hope it all makes sense.  


GMoney said...

Your high rollerness is over...quit kissing Reno's ass!

Dude, WTF? Did you see the Ravens D last week? And did you see how awful Houston's secondary was last week as well? Going with Carson over McNabb was an epically bad move.

I don't know if the Bears can keep it going because I fully expect them to get slaughtered on Monday night, but the Cowboys are definitely not that good. They have no identity on offense.

The Bears line is going to get Cutler killed.

Tony B. said...

Ha! I can't stop! Reno has won me over.

Yes, my Palmer/McNabb decision was horrible. Just horrible. I have been distracted by the high roller trip and catching up at work and did not give fantasy football the time and effort it deserves. I should throw myself on a sword.

As far as the Bears, I agree with you that the Packers are a better team on paper and should win on Monday. However, the Bears do look (literally) very good. Their offense is clicking. They are passing the "eye test" so to speak. Their biggest weakness is their O-Line and like I said, that might be their undoing.

I'm not claiming Super Bowl or anything crazy like that, but we can both agree that the Bears are better than most people expected thus far.