Monday, September 27, 2010

A Case Of The Mondays

Just another busy weekend for your resident blogger/musician/sports fan.  Let's get right to it.

Friday: I bolted from work and drove from Davis to Dublin as fast as possible.  Highway 80 has been a NIGHTMARE recently so I was worried about making it to Best Buy in Dublin by 7pm.  Luckily, I made it in plenty of time to set up and get settled.

The people of Best Buy were great and I'd like to give a special shout out to Mei for setting up the whole show.  I know Mei because she used to work at Guitar Center in Sacramento, and she sold me my Gibson J-45 (the guitar I play at almost every show.)  It has been an amazing guitar over the years and is my favorite material possession.

Anyway, playing an in store as a relative unknown is an interesting experience.  Some people come over watch for a song, then wander the store.  I did sell a couple CDs, which can be tough a sell to get people to spend some cash that they didn't plan on spending upon going out.

My friends Shay and Chrissy came out with their baby daughter, Ava, and it was great to see them.  During a break, Shay told me that if I wanted to play basketball Saturday morning, he was going to play over at the Big C in Concord.  I had brought running shoes because I planned on going to the gym, so I told him if I could find shoes, that I was in.  Finding size 15's at my Mom's house was going to be tough though.

(Note: To orient my readers, I spent the night in Walnut Creek on Friday night because it would make no sense to drive all the way back to Sacramento, and then drive back to Walnut Creek for my show on Saturday.  This is why I didn't have basketball shoes at my disposal.)

Saturday: I went to The Sports Basement in Walnut Creek at 9am hoping to find shoes in my size that were not going to cost me $100.  I actually found some decent Adidas basketball shoes in size 15 for a reasonable price.  I bought them, and headed over to Concord.

I hadn't played since June so I was a bit rusty, but it was fun to get out and run around on the court.  I was on the same team with Shay and our friend Travis.  My main complaint with the whole thing was that I had forgotten how awful pick up basketball can be.  Guys calling ticky-tack (or non-existent) fouls, fighting over close out of bounds, and a myriad of other minor calls that become huge issues.

The guy I was guarding called a foul on someone else because they hit his hand on a pass (debatable) which caused his cross court pass to be errant.  It was a garbage call for a pick up game.  After a couple more awful calls from this guy, and I was steamed a bit.  He tried to drive the lane, got by me slightly, and I hacked him as hard as possible.  I didn't hurt him or anything, but he had no chance to make the bucket, and I called my own foul and told him to check it up.  I heard Travis from the other side of the court say, "Now that's a foul!"  I couldn't help but laugh a little.

After 3 hours of basketball, I was done.  I needed to recharge before my show at 7pm.  I went home to clean up and take a nap.  Then it was off to Pyramid for my show- 7pm-11pm.

I was pleased that some people I knew showed up.  It's always nice to see friendly faces in the crowd!  Thank you to everyone who took time out of their day to come by, and thank you all for buying CDs.  I sold almost 20 CDs this weekend, and that is a damn fine showing.  Thanks for the support!

Sunday: I made it back to Sacramento after my show so I could sleep in my own bed.  Mrs. B. didn't make it out to the shows, but for good reason... she had multiple interviews during the week for a job that she wanted and low and behold, SHE GOT THE JOB!  BAM!  Congrats to my lovely wife for being awesome and getting the job.  It's time to switch me to her insurance and start doing music full time!  Ha!  I'm exaggerating of course, but I'd love to make that dream a reality...

Anyway, I woke up at around 8:45am, did 4 loads of laundry (2 at a time) and was ready for the 49er game at 10am.  For as much fun as I had last week watching the Bears/Cowboys game, I had the opposite feeling watching the Niners/Chiefs this week.  It wasn't even a fun game to watch.  The Niners are an awful team.  They are not well coached.  They do not show composure under duress.  There is ZERO creativity on offense (if I see another swing pass for -2 yards, I might gouge my own eyes out.)  Even their supposed strength of the team (defense) looked suspect.  It was not good.

Well, I hear that Jimmy Raye II got fired this morning, so I guess we'll see how the Niners move along without an offensive coordinator.  Good luck with all that...

That game was so bad that I skipped out on the afternoon games and went to the Elephant Bar with Mrs. B. to celebrate her new job.  It was a delicious meal, and my Long Island Ice Tea was damn strong.  

It's not all gloom and doom SF fans!  The Giants are back in first place after a masterful gem by Matt Cain (I can't say the same thing about Juan Uribe's fielding, but sometimes you have to be happy with a win.)  Not only that, but the Braves lost on Sunday giving the Padres a half game edge on the Wild Card.  Wouldn't that be exciting?  The Phillies, Reds, Giants and Padres?  What a weird year it's been in baseball to have it break down that way, but I do hope the Giants' fare well and make the playoffs.  We'll see.

In my last action of the weekend, I watched both "Dexter" and "Eastbound & Down."  Both shows were on point.  "Dexter" has to be the best show on TV right now.  And of course, Kenny Powers was back and as inappropriate as ever.  Between his cockfighting shenanigans and his midget Mexican sidekick, it was a pretty solid start to the season.

I can't wait for tonight's Monday Night Football match up.  Bears/Packers is always a fun game to watch, and I'm sure ESPN was pleased to see both of them at 2-0 going into this week.  It's going to be a tough game, but we'll see how it shakes out.  More on that tomorrow.


GMoney said...

Congrats to your missus. Getting on someone else's insurance is a great feeling that I know all too well. Why yes, I will take that extra 20 bucks or so per week.

Maybe Jimmy Raye can go back to music as well producing a follow-up to the worst song ever written: Are you Jimmy Ray?

Dexter is good but as a TV savant, I wouldn't say that it's the best thing on right now. Both Mad Men and Sons of Anarchy are better.

How about my team losing to the Rams!!! By a lot! I need the Bears to not allow three touchdowns to the trio of Rodgers, Finley, and Packers D tonight. GET IT DONE, LOVIE!!!

Tony B. said...

I had forgotten about that dumb Jimmy Ray song. That was awful.

Embarrassingly enough, I don't watch Mad Men or Sons of Anarchy. Not enough hours in the day, I guess. Maybe I'll see if I can catch up on those soon.

I left your Redskins out of the post because a) I didn't watch the game and b) there's no need to make you feel any worse than you already do. Your team stabbed you in the heart enough this weekend.

I'm winning a fantasy football game by .04! I have Green Bay's defense and Mason Crosby and my opponent has Brandon Jackson. It's going to be a close one. If the Bears win, then I don't care how fantasy shakes out, but if they lose, I had better win the match up!

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