Friday, September 24, 2010

I borrowed this idea from the Jimmy Fallon show... wanna fight about it?

Dear Juan Uribe,

Thank you for hitting not one, but two home runs in the second inning yesterday against the Cubs.  On top of that, your second home run was a grand slam.  I mean, I could care less if the Cubs win or lose games at this point in this lost season, but DAMN.  Did it have to go down like that?

Tony B.


Dear Hours In The Day,

Thank you for going by ridiculously fast when I'm doing something fun or worthwhile, and crawling along at an excruciating pace if I happen to be at work or at a function involving suits, ties, no alcohol, and no sports.  I know, it sounds like a nightmare which is why normal laws of physics cease to be and minutes become hours.  It's like being in a crappy version of "Inception."

Still waiting,
Tony B.


Dear Monday Night Football,

Thank you for the excellent scheduling this week.  I don't know if the Bears can pull off a victory against the very good Packers, but I'm beyond pumped for this match up.  It's a rivalry game versus two undefeated teams and one of them happens to be the team I root for?  Sign me up!  Monday is going to crawl along (see above.) 

Bear down,
Tony B.


Dear People Who Have Yet To Buy My CD,

There's no thank you here yet!  What are you waiting for?  Get on it!  You can order it in the side bar of this very blog, OR:

Physical copies:

Digital copies: (digital): Click here! 

The album will be up on iTunes in a few weeks, so I'll let everyone know when that happens (a positive review on there might be a nice thing you could help me with...)

And in all seriousness, for those of you who have purchased the album- THANK YOU!  So far, I've gotten a lot of great feedback and it seems like most people enjoy the record.  This makes me happy. 

Tony B.


Dear Jack Daniels,

Thank you for making delicious whiskey.  That is a quality product at a great value.  I do prefer Jack to Crown, which helps me save a few bucks.  Even though there are occasional debacles of drunk tomfoolery, I seem to always come back for more.  Oh, that Jack Daniels- he loved his wheat thresher! 

Tony B.



Thank you for tempting me on a daily basis to be absolutely irresponsible with my money.  I look at your site and essentially try to figure out what the best way I can spend my savings.  I'm somewhat exaggerating, but you get the idea.  If I were Courtney Love, then your site would be heroin.  If I were Tyrone Biggums, then your site would be crack.  You get the idea. 

Red Balls Gives You Wings!
Tony B.


Have a great weekend and don't forget that I'm playing tonight, in store at the Best Buy in Dublin, CA (7-9pm) and tomorrow night at the Pyramid Alehouse in Walnut Creek, CA 7-11pm.  Come on down!


GMoney said...

I used to be more of a whiskey connossieur, but I never really enjoyed Mr. Daniels' work. My sister got me a big bottle of Maker's Mark for my birfday (hell yeah). I enjoy the work of Crown Royal more (especially when mixed with Royal Crown Cola). Seagram's 7 is the most delicious shit on earth when combined with 7-Up.

But I've always been a Jim Beam fan. It's sweeter. And in college, my roomates and I used to KILL Beam and Mountain Dews. That is an awesome drink.

Evan Williams can die for all I care.

The guy I'm playing in FB this week starts both Granderson and Uribe. Needless to say, I'm losing right now.

Tony B. said...

If I want "sweet" I'll eat a Mr. Goodbar. If I'm drinking whiskey, give me some Jack (I do agree with you that Maker's Mark is better, it's just more expensive.) Have you ever had Gentleman Jack? It's the top shelf version- now, that is amazing.

7 and 7's are amazing. I agree with that.

Sucks about fantasy baseball. Hopefully your guys have a great weekend.

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