Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Passive Trash Talk

It's Wednesday, and yesterday I mailed it in with videos. So one might think, "Tony, you probably though long and hard about what you're going to post today, right?" Well, of course I didn't! Not one second of thought went into today's post. Is that going to stop me from writing one? Nope. We're still going to go for it.

Being a Northern California that doesn't cheer for the teams of the area is a little bit odd. I'm known as "The Cubs Fan" or "The Bears Fan" to a lot of people around here. Needless to say, I occasionally get crap from Giants or Niners fans when their teams are better than mine. Luckily, this year the Cubs have been so awful that recently not too many people have given me a hard time. However, one of my biggest annoyances is what I'll call the "Happy Gilmore." If you recall, in the movie "Happy Gilmore," Happy sinks a putt, but Shooter had just been giving him a hard time. Happy clearly saw the ball go in, but still said:

"Did that go in? I wasn't watching, did it go in? I didn't see it, could you tell me if it went in?"

While friends (and family) of mine aren't necessarily this a-hole-ish, I have had this happen a few times.

Friend: "So Tony, how are the Cubs doing?"
Me: "Uhh, they are 20 games under .500. They're absolutely awful."
Friend: "Oh yeah, I saw that."

WHY DID YOU ASK THEN? I guess you're trying to make conversation, but even if you knew that the Cubs were bad, and you still wanted to talk about it with me, then say, "Oh, that's too bad" or "Well, at least football is right around the corner" or something like that. I'd almost prefer a more forceful s*** talking than this polite, back door trash talk.

And that brings us to last night's Cubs/Giants game. First it was rain-delayed. Then Matt Cain and Carlos Zambrano decided to make up for the delay by blasting through the opponent's lineup like it was no big thing. Those two pitchers are on fire.

Then there was the 8th inning homer by Gerald Demp Posey III. Damn that guy is good. If he doesn't win Rookie of the Year in the NL, I'll be shocked. No rookie has been more consistent than Posey. There have been times where this guy has put the Giants on his back and carried them to victory.

In summary:

- I'm somewhat pulling for the Giants, please don't trash talk the Cubs and make me cheer against the Giants.
- Big Z and Matt Cain are savages (right now.)
- Buster Posey is the NL Rookie of the Year. There's no doubt.
- Brian Wilson is still the man. Giants fans should appreciate just how good that guy is.

Eh, not bad for zero thought ahead of time. I'm playing tonight at Pyramid Alehouse in Walnut Creek- 6:30pm. Get there!


GMoney said...

Since I am in my fantasy World Series (actually I am in the WS in all three of my leagues), why in God's name did Bochy take Cain out after 6 innings of 2 hit ball on 82 f'n pitches last night? One more inning and I get a needed victory! Damn you, Bochy. Damn you to Hell.

And screw Coco Crisp and Joe Mauer for getting hurt after I set my lineup for the week.

Tony B. said...

I made a side bet with my brother and Joe Mauer's injury is f-ing me this week. Dammit!

No idea what Bochy was doing by the way.

Clarkster said...

Maybe the fact that the giants bullpen has given up total of 2 earned runs for the month of September 2 holy shit thats an awesome stat, has something to do with it, either way it was an awesome much needed win last night just gotta keep the pressure on the other teams in the west. also it's not even close as far as Posey for NL ROY the haters will say that he was down in the minors for the start of the season but .324 15hr 62 rbi in 97 games compared to Heyward .286 18 hr 71 rbi in 133 games better production in less games case closed. plus can you imagine the giants the second half of this year if Molina was still behind the dish and lumbering around the base path, I shudder at the thought. any ways have a good show tonight. Were having a blast in reno just takin an afternoon break.