Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Quick Music Round-up

Here's a quick round-up of music that has recently been released OR that I've recently started listening to.  Take these as recommendations and feel free to send some back my way. 

"Flamingo" by Brandon Flowers - The lead singer of The Killers just couldn't wait for his band members to come out of hibernation, so he decided to record a solo album.  Many times, a solo album allows an artist to branch in a different direction from their band.  This is NOT the case with this album.  If you like The Killers, this is like getting a bonus album that is (in spots) just as good as anything the band has put out.  Highlights include the first single "Crossfire," the guaranteed next single "Only The Young," and the duet with Jenny Lewis "Hard Enough."  I highly recommend this album. 

"Buzzard" by Margot and the Nuclear So & So's - Who knew this band released their new album on the same day I release my new album?  I actually found out about it a few days after it was released, so I have not had as much time to listen to it- but my first impressions are VERY good.  Even from the first song "Birds" I get the feeling that this is similar to their previous awesome work.  If you want an underrated band that will not only be amazing but make you're friend think you're progressive for listening to Indie music that they haven't heard of, then this is the new album for you!

O.A.R. - True these guys don't have a new album out.  And true, they did attend Ohio State University.  But I don't hold that against them.  For years, people have recommended that I listen to this band (or people would request me to play a song by them) and I finally got around to listening to them.  It is amazing to start with their first album, see how much raw energy they are putting out, then watch them evolve into a much more professional band without losing that initial passion that helped gain them popularity.  Some of my favorite songs are "Love and Memories," "Right on Time," "Something Coming Over," "This Town," and "One Shot."  At this point, I recommend their entire catalog.  I realize I'm way behind with this, but better late than never, right?

Tonic (self titled album) - Did you know Tonic came out with their 4th studio album in May?!?  I sure didn't until recently.  Their first single "Release Me" shows off their classic pop/rock sound that seems like it will be a sensitive song off the start, but has a dirty rock riff in the middle.  "I Want It To Be" sounds like they've been listening to Band Of Horses recently and the result is ear pleasing. 

So there you go.  Four music recommendations to make you happier.  And boom goes the dynamite. 


GMoney said...

Shit, I was listening to O.A.R. in my freshmen dorm room in 1999. Their first two albums are great and everything else since is shit in my opinion.

Crazy Game of Poker is still a top notch 7 minute song.

Tony B. said...

Yeah, I know I'm way behind on them. I get why old school fans don't like their new stuff, but they are a pretty damn impressive- yes, even their newer stuff.

If you want excessive amounts of Crazy Game of Poker, try one of their many 18 minute live versions of that song. I've grown away from enjoying anything over 9 minutes, but occasional extended live versions can be ok if done correctly.