Monday, October 11, 2010

A Case of the Mondays

I didn't have any shows this weekend, but that doesn't mean I couldn't have fun during my mini-musical break.  Here's what went down:

Friday: Mrs. B. and I met up with our friends the Griswalds- er, I mean John and Katrina.  They were fresh off their European Vacation.  We went to grab a drink at Sophia's in Davis, then decided to keep the party rolling in Sacramento.  After some debate, we ended up at the Riverside Clubhouse.  That place is delicious. 

We were seated in decent time and watched the Giants' game.  We even saw former Phoenix Suns guard and current Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson walking around at the R.C.  I made eye contact with him when I walked by and he looked at me as if to say, "you're decently tall- but I know I could school you on the court."  Touche imaginary interaction I had with K.J. 

We finished our meal and went back to our apartment to finish watching the game.  We didn't realize it was going to go 11 innings, but it was a fun night nonetheless.  Well, besides the damn parking tickets that John and I both got for parking by the Riverside Clubhouse.  Damn you City of Sacramento!!!

Saturday: I had to work at the UC Davis football game.  They won in a tough game against South Dakota.  There is really only one funny story from the game worth retelling.  A drunk student found the back door to our office at the football stadium and decided it was the perfect place for him to throw up.  My assistant manager looked at him and said something like, "Are you kidding?"  He quickly said, "Sorry" then sobered up enough to disappear into thin air.  And like that... he was gone. 

Some poor stadium worker came over and cleaned up the mess, but we did not find the offending vomitter.

Sunday: In what was the highlight of the weekend, I met up with esteemed blogger, commenter and my 3rd grade classmate from Mrs. Benedict's class, G$.  His wife got them a trip to San Francisco for his birthday, so we decided to meet up and watch the early football games at a sports bar.  I did a few internet searches and we decided on the Taco Shop on Irving in SF.  I had never been there before, but this time the internet did not lead me astray. 

I woke up early and was on the road by 7:15am.  I was concerned about traffic because of Fleet Week in San Francisco.  I wanted to make sure I got to the Taco Shop to get us a decent seat. 

After going over the Golden Gate bridge and taking advantage of the FREE PARKING outside of the Taco Shop (it's the little things) I was inside the bar around 9:15am.  I was the first person in the bar and struck up a conversation with the girls working the bar.  They were quite nice and I immediately felt like this would be a comfortable place to watch some sports. 

Unfortunately, the Bears and Skins games were not on TVs next to each other, but I posted up near the Skins game because 1) I was totally down to cheer against the Packers and 2) G$ is the guest to California so his team's game got the priority.  As it turned out, that was probably the best game of the morning, so it all worked out. 

G$ arrived around 9:45 and I was pretty surprised as to how little introduction was needed.  Based on our blogs and Facebook posts, we really just started hanging out and talking football.  It was less "Damn, we haven't seen each other in 20 years" and more "Let's talk about our fantasy football teams."  Awesome. 

We eventually put down a bucket of Bud Lights and at halftime it was time to order some food.  We both decided to go with the California Burrito (I went chicken, G$ went with the carnitas.)  I think the only requirements to make something a California Burrito are meat, guacamole, and french fries but I think this beast of a burrito had more than that.  They even brought out their house-made green, red, and habanera sauces.  All three were delicious. 

The games ended up working out perfectly.  The Bears won despite Todd Collins' 4 picks and the 'Skins were able to get it done against the mistake-prone Packers in overtime.  I found out later that the 'Skins injured Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews and JerMichael Finley.  That is some serious value as far as injuring Packer players goes.  Outstanding work!

After the games, people were rolling in for the SF Baseball Giants game and G$ had to get ready to go to the Sunday Night Football game at the 'Stick.  Hanging out was awesome and it was great to catch up with G$ after over 20 years. 

Unfortunately, my drive home was not as fun.  Luckily, I listened to the Giants game the entire ride home, but I was stuck in SF for an hour and a f***ing half before I was able to hop back on the Golden Gate Bridge.  There was also mild traffic on highway 80 around Fairfield.  All in all, it took me over 4 hours to get home.  No bueno. 

I ended Sunday by watching another tough Niner loss.  Coach Singletary is in big trouble.  His coaching is about as good as his ability to pronounce the word "THink" (it is not pronounced "tink!"  It's not!)  Consider him officially on the hot seat.  Alex Smith- you get to join him. 

You know what is even better?  The fact that I have Monday off!  Boom!  I guess working on Saturday can benefit me in the long run.  Go Jets (at least vs. the Minnesota Favres tonight.) 


GMoney said...

Good times, good times. Let me tell you, for an eastern time zoner, it was NOT easy to put down beers at 9:30-10 am on my biological clock.

My wife was happy that our mandate went so well!

Tony B. said...

G$, your biological clock should've been 3 hours ahead of mine. It was more like 1pm for you. There is something about morning drinking that is awesome, though.

My wife was also happy about our man-date. Maybe I can convince her to take a trip to Columbus with me... ok, probably not, but you never know.

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