Monday, October 18, 2010

A Case of the Mondays

The Athens show on Friday was AWESOME.  It was great to see them rock after quite a hiatus.  I need to get out to more shows in Sac!

Saturday - My show at Pyramid was awesome!  I had a lot of friends come out to watch and the whole inside of Pyramid was packed for the Giants game.  Let me assure you that the East Bay fans were rocking the house during the Game 1 win.  I wish I had more analysis about the game, but I was driving to, setting up for, and playing the show during the entire game, so I don't have much.  I will say this though: CODY ROSS IS A SAVAGE.

As for the show, it went well.  I played most of the songs off my new album and lots of cover songs.  I'd definitely like to encourage another round of suggestions of good cover songs for me to learn.  A good suggestion is one that most people will know and enjoy, but might not be as obvious as "Brown Eyed Girl" or something like that (by the way, don't forget the "d" in that song title or it will take on a completely different meaning!) 

Sunday - My cat Cosmo woke me up like usual.  I got up and did 6 damn loads of laundry.  A few of them were sheets and towels loads, but still- what a pain in the ass.  Waiting waiting on the laundry, I was able to find an internet stream of the Bears game.  I regret this.  Not because of the moral implications of not going to a sports bar to watch the game legally (we have Comcast which does not offer the full package of games) but the fact that the Bears were putrid. 

Their offensive line IS their downfall.  I agree that Cutler isn't helping himself, but even Peyton Manning couldn't survive behind that toothpick fence of an O-Line.  Even worse is Lovie Smith's trademark defense.  The opportunist defense is fun to watch at times.  Unfortunately, it looks more like a Prevent Defense when the Defensive Line doesn't pressure the opposing quarterback.  Matt Hasselbeck looked like a "Regular Staubach" yesterday because the Bears did not get the necessary pressure on him. 

The crazy thing is a missed field goal, a kick off return called back, and some promising drives that were halted- the Bears only lost by 3 points.  Such a missed opportunity.  I have a feeling this might bite them in the ass down the road.  Bring on G$'s Redskins next week.  These two sloppy teams match up pretty well and they also play to the level of their opponents.  I'm thinking it will be a 17-17 tie between the Bears and the most racist team in football. 

Mrs. B. and I went to Chili's around 2pm and sat at a booth in the bar area.  A Raiders fan was wearing a Raiders hard hat was loudly talking to the TV during the entire Niners/Raiders game.  It was as if he was coaching the team through the TV.  As if this wasn't bad enough, he picked up his phone at one point and was talking on the phone loud enough for everyone in the bar to hear.  He was a solid 25 feet away from us, and it was like he was sitting in the same damn booth.  I'm all for cheering your team on and creating a great environment at a bar to watch a game- but their are limits and this habitual line stepper was way over all of them. 

I then watched the Giants game and we all know that Oswalt was filthy and the Giants could work more on their defensive fundamentals.  Once again, Cody Ross hits a jack, but it's not enough.  This series is turning into highly entertaining television.  I've been pretty impressed with playoff baseball this year- I may even take Tuesday off to watch the afternoon game. 

Hasta manana...


Mrs. B said...

I'd like to give a shout out to the couple that was sitting next to the loud-mouth wearing the Raider's hard hat and too precise goatee: great job not losing your cool. I almost lost my shit sitting 25 feet away. I can't imagine being 12 inches from that annoyance.

Tony B. said...

Yeah, we were lucky we didn't accidentally sit closer to that d-bag. It would have ruined lunch. As it stands, it was pretty funny to listen to his coaching advice to Jason Campbell.

GMoney said...

Regular Staubach...nice reference, Goat!

I don't see Cutler lasting the entire game next week. Landry and Orakpo are going to be up his ass all game. McNabb usually plays well in his hometown and I think that overall the Skins are the better team. The line will probably be a pick to maybe the Bears by a point.

That being said, I wouldn't bet on this game ever.

Never mess with Raider Nation.

Tony B. said...

Thank you for getting the reference!

No chance I bet on this game. I wouldn't be shocked if either team won in any fashion. Bears fans constantly screw up betting lines, so I'm sure they'll be favored at home.

I don't mess with Raider Nation- but I will blog about how dumb many of their fans are.

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