Monday, October 25, 2010

A Case of the Mondays

It was a pretty crazy weekend and I had to work on Saturday, so I'm just going to dive in and talk about the sports I watched. 

- Giants/Phillies Game 6 - Holy schnikes, that was an exciting game!  Dirty Sanchez was wild and losing his damn mind on the mound.  I would like to take a quick moment to discuss the whole hitting Chase Utley debacle. 

Sanchez clearly didn't intentionally hit Utley.  He was wild and the last thing he wanted to do at that point was put Utley on base.  When the ball hit off Utley's back it bounced on the ground then back up to him.  Utley caught it as he was on the way to 1st base and tossed the ball back to Sanchez.  Tim McCarver said that Utley was not doing anything wrong by tossing it back.  I don't necessarily have a big problem with it, but no one in the world can convince me that Utley wasn't tossing it back to Sanchez to be an asshole. 

He was essentially saying, "You just hit me because you can't control your pitches, have fun the rest of the inning because we're about to break this open."  Something like that.  What else was Utley supposed to do?  I don't know, let the ball drop and allow the ball boy to handle it?  Drop the ball?  Toss the ball back to the ump?  There were lots of choices, but Utley decided to be a jerk about it. 

From that point on, it was up to the Giants bullpen (or more precisely, three relievers and two starters) to throw up zeros for the rest of the game.  That's exactly what they did and amazingly, the Giants won the pennant. 

I don't think anyone had the Giants vs. the Rangers in the World Series before the playoffs started, let alone before the season began.  It's odd that Bengie Molina was on the AL West team that beat the Giants in the '02 World Series, not to mention knows the Giants' pitching staff inside and out from being on the team.  I actually think that will give the Rangers a little bit of an advantage, but I am hoping that the Giants finish this off and win it all.  If for no other reason than for more comments by Brian Wilson.

- Bears/Redskins - I honestly don't want to write anything up about this game because it was such garbage.  The Bears are underachieving in the worst way.  They lost two very winnable games at home the last two weeks.  Lovie Smith is not a good coach.  He challenged a play that was unnecessary and obviously not a touchdown when Earl Bennet caught a long pass from Jay Cutler.  The very next play is called a fumble during a QB sneak by Cutler.  Had they challenged that play, it would've been ruled a touchdown.  He broke the plane of the end zone, but Lovie was too damn gun shy after losing a challenge on the play before.  7 points down the drain. 

Obviously, Cutler throwing poor passes toward DeAngelo Hall didn't help their chances either.  It's pretty obvious that the Bears could've won that game easily without all of their own mental mistakes.  It's dumb to get into the "shoulda, woulda, coulda" backward viewing of this game, but it's the truth.  The Bears are talented enough to get in the playoffs.  They are still in first frickin' place.  But they won't stay there for long if they keep tanking on these winnable games where they make mental mistakes that would cause Corky Thatcher to cringe. 

- Niners/Panthers - And it just gets worse for football viewing and for Mike Singletary.  He wants winners!  Really?  Then you better damn-well call up Nate Davis off the practice squad!  Alex Smith got hurt and Niners fans got what they wanted- David Carr.  His debut showed fans one thing- David Carr is AWFUL.  Just terrible.  His arm seems to be about as powerful as the 46 year old version of Charlie Hough.  Just terrible. 

Also, how about the coaching decision to not pass when it was 3rd and 12 when the Niners were up 20-13?  Grow some balls Singletary.  You're so comfortable with your defense that you'd punt back to the Panthers on purpose with the game on the line.  If I'm able to predict a run on that down in my friend's living room, I'm guess that the rest of the NFL can predict that play call as well.  If you want to play that way, you should actually have the '85 Bears defense and unfortunately, you are the coach and Dan Hampton, Richard Dent, Steve McMichael aren't on the field. 

- Packers/Vikings - Brett Favre is the worst.  His picks made me believe that he was having flashbacks to being back on Green Bay.  Also, Favre interceptions make me smile.  Even when he's throwing them to the Packers.  Short of rooting for stadium implosion last night, it was nice to see a sloppy game on both ends (the Packers looked ok in spurts which is why they won the game.)  

Congrats to all the Giants fans who are excited about their team making it the Series.  Such an amazing and unlikely run that could easily end with a championship.  Hey- at least Russ Ortiz isn't on this team's roster! 


GMoney said...

The Bears need a fresh start with a fresh voice. That is a team going nowhere fast. There needs to be a commitment to the lines as opposed to flashy QB's and offensive coordinators. When I think of the Bears, I always think about tough grinding football. That is obviously not what the Bears right now.

Martz was a terrible hire. Lovie is going to get fired because of it. Jay Cutler isn't good. He may be able to chuck it around, but if you are THAT stupid, I'd rather see Jim Miller back. At least he was relatively intelligent.

Tony B. said...

I was I had a prize to give you for making a Jim Miller reference today. Unfortunately, I don't.

I agree with most of what you are saying. I do think Cutler can be good. He's shown what he can do from time to time, but the consistency is not there.

I'll trade the Panthers for John Fox if they fire him at the end of the year.

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