Thursday, October 28, 2010

Giants/Rangers Game 1

I went home sick from work yesterday because, well, I wasn't feeling well.  I tried to sleep off whatever was bothering me (I think it has to do with the change of season.)  I'm still not 100% but I did manage to wake up just in time for the beginning of the game and here are my thoughts:

- The "unstoppable" Cliff Lee was halted by the pesky Giants' bats.  When he made a mistake, the Giants capitalized.  Knocking Lee out in the 5th inning was unpredictable, but really opened up the game in spectacular fashion. 

- Juan Uribe's homerun was sick!  AT&T Park erupted as soon as he connected with that no-doubter.

- Would any Giant haters like to take back any of the crap they were talking before each playoff series?  The Giants are a scrappy team with ridiculous pitching.  Seems like a dangerous combination. 

- I heard that Giants fans gave Bengie Molina a nice ovation when he was introduced.  That is well deserved and classy.  Nice work Giants fans.

- "The Claw" and "Deer Antlers" thing that the Rangers do is officially annoying.  It reminds me of when the NY Giants used to do fake jump shots when they made plays.  I hated that celebration and I hate this one too. 

- Tony Bennett is old.  He looked like he was going to "leave his life in San Francisco" last night.

- The Series is far from over, though.  The Giants need Matt Cain to pitch better than Lincecum did last night.  Oddly, I think C.J. Wilson will more than likely pitch better than Cliff Lee did last night, so Cain will need his top stuff to get it done for the Giants.  I have no stats to back any of this up. 

- Playing a show while mildly under the weather, on a Wednesday, right after Game 1 of the World Series where the "home" team is playing is probably a horrible idea.  Wait- I can confirm, it was not a good idea.  Despite the lack of crowd, the bands I played with (yOya & Greenhorse) were damn good and were cool to hang out with. 

I really hope the Giants finish this off and stick it to all the haters that continue to not believe in this team.  Next up, the Cavs beating the Heat in the playoffs... hey!  It could happen!


GMoney said...

If Cain wins tonight, then the series is over. Although I did think that CJ Wilson's comments about Cliff Lee a few weeks ago were great:

"He's like a way better version of me."

I was listening to Jon Miller while walking the pup last night and I hate it when he says "Ooooooooooooooooo-ribe".

Tony B. said...

I agree with you. Cain is a savage, but CJ Wilson will probably pitch tough. Should be a good game.

John Miller is the man, but you may have found his biggest flaw. I can't complain too much though because he is one of the best announcers around.

Clarkster said...

My living room exploded Brian and I were watching the game and we went ape Shit when U-RIBE hit that bomb. Now on to game two where Cain has a 0.00 era for the post season were gonna go up 2-0 heading to texas and I can't wait. It's time to get the monkey off our back!!! Fear the beard!!!!

Tony B. said...

Clarkster, you must be pumped because your beard matches the grizzly look of the Romo and Wilson's beards. Have you dyed it black yet?

Cain is the man, but the Rangers aren't dead yet. Not to mention the Giants won't make it easy on their fans!