Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Halloween Costumes

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays (though, can we really call it a holiday?  You don't get a day off for Halloween, unless it's actually on the weekend like this year.)  Mrs. B. and I love dressing up in ridiculous costumes only to troll around town going to parties.  Recently, here are some of my better costumes:

- Convict with a mullet - (this one looked funnier than it sounds- I looked similar to Max Headroom with the plastic mullet I was wearing.)

- Ronald McDonald - My friend was the Hamburglar and we went to buy 30 hamburgers at McDonald's.  Can you believe they did not give us the employee discount when we requested it?

- Ali G - This was the year before they put out the stock costumes that you can purchase.  I spent months grooming my goatee ahead of time, bought a complete outfit and fake bling.  One of my better costumes of all time. 

- Ricky Bobby - This was the first big project where I realized exactly how crafty Mrs. B. was.  We made a fake cast for my arm and she helped make a polo shirt with the Wonder Bread logo on it.  She also dressed up as a pseudo version of Carly from the movie that was themed to match me.  Bonus: we saw a guy dressed as Tupac get tazed by the police at the club we went to.  Awesome.

- Care Bear - That's right.  I was Tenderheart Bear.  Unfortunately, I was so drunk in SF, that I lost my bear gloves and the costume got filthy.  Mrs. B. was a sexy Good Luck Bear. 

- Dharma Initiative - I know it was quite geeky, but Mrs. B. and I were Dharma Initiative workers from "LOST" last year.  It was a great tribute to a great show in it's final season, and it was an easy and comfortable costume. 

So what to do this year?  I'm taking suggestions.  We may go low key again, but if something got me motivated enough, I'd be willing to put in the time and money to make it happen.  Here's what I have so far. 

- Robert Goulet - Much like Ali G, if I dressed up like Mr. Goulet, I would stay in character for the entirety of the night.  I would sing ridiculous renditions of whatever song was requested.  ♫♪ Can't read my poker face, shoo bop sh-bang- Yeeeeees.♫♪

- Jackie Moon - Another comfortable costume that I saw at the store.  They have the Flint Tropics warm up gear at the Halloween store in a size that would fit me.  It would cost me $70 to get the costume and wig.  Too many Will Ferrell characters at this point?  Ok, then...

- The Situation - Unfortunately, I don't have enough time to sculpt my abs, but I would be willing to tan and get a tight fade haircut to make this happen.  I own one shirt that would actually work, so the cost would be minimal.  Plus, it would be funny to lift my shirt, expose my less than muscular abs and say, "We got a situation here." 

- Any Famous Musician - I had a plan a few years ago to learn 20 songs of a musician, dress like them and walk around playing their songs.  Candidates for this plan would be Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, John Lennon, and Fergie.  I don't think I have enough time to memorize that many songs, but this could be a good plan for other years. 

- Zack Morris - One of these years, I'm going to have to get this done.  Blond wig, cuffed jeans, white high tops, and a huge cell phone.  Not to mention I'll need the ability to stop time around me just by saying "Timeout" and making a "T" with my hands. 

Any other suggestions would be welcome.  Unfortunately, I will not be going as Mike Singletary because that would cause me to make one awful decision after another throughout the night.  Also, let me know what you are going as in the comments area.  Happy Halloween!


Clarkster said...

Heidi and Mary are going to be bee's, Mary a sexy bee and i'm going to be a bee keeper. similar to your dharma costume mine will be a comfy jumpsuit with one of those netted hats.
Good thing you not dressing up as singeltary I don't know if your neck could support that 90 pound cross he wears!!
My vote for you is Zack Morris and Ms.B could be Kelly Kapowski.

GMoney said...

About ten years ago or so, I saw a guy dressed as one of the Superfans fron SNL. It remains the greatest costume I've ever seen.

Tony B. said...

Clarkster- sounds like you are going to have your hands full with that hive of bees!

It's a good think Singletary doesn't have an actual cross because restless Niner fans might actually try to crucify him sometime soon.

I never thought of being a Superfan- that is a damn good idea!

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