Wednesday, October 20, 2010

NLCS Game 3

Sorry for my quick post that didn't post yesterday.  I had a post scheduled and apparently it felt the need to not actually go up.  I didn't write anything much because I was able to go to the Giants/Phillies game in very last minute fashion.  The back story:

My friend Mark called me and told me he had access to a few tickets for the game.  I just needed to find someone to go with me.  I called my friend Sean, but he was already going to the game with his girlfriend's mom's friend.  I moved on to my friend Woods who didn't pick up immediately, so I went next to my friend Brian.  Brian couldn't go because of work, but luckily Woods called me back right as I got off the phone with Brian and he was able to go.  BAM!  It's game time...

Many great things lined up during the day, so hopefully I can convey them here. 

- I was able to catch a ride with Mark and his wife to the game. 
- We were able to park for free at Woods' place (he lives a few blocks away from the park.)
- Woods made us this Mexican beer/tomato juice concoction that tasted like a lighter and spicier Bloody Mary. 
- Woods and I ended up sitting in the same section as Sean.  He was seven rows below us.  Unfortunately, we were mature and didn't throw anything at him. 
- I introduced Woods to Cha Cha Bowls. 
- There were almost no Phillies' fans in the park.  Awesome.
- Ben Gibbard of Death Cab For Cutie sang the National Anthem.  It was the best National Anthem I've ever heard.
- Barry Bonds was in the park!  He was pumped!
- Zoey Deschanel sang God Bless America during the 7th inning stretch.  She did a great job as well.
- At a certain point they played "U Can't Touch This" through the house speakers.  Woods said, "I want to see MC Hammer come out and dance on the dugout."  Seconds later, they showed him in a luxury suite waving a rally rag- it was 2 Legit 2 Quit!
- After the game, since I went with Mark and Rebecca, we were able to use the car pool lane.  I was back in Sacramento by around 6pm.  Sweet.

The game itself was awesome.  Giants fans are going nuts for this team and I believe it has helped will the team to compete with the Phillies (who are better than the Giants on paper.)  Matt Cain got out of a few jams, but pitched great.  Cody Ross came up huge again and Aaron Rowand even got in on the action.  Once the Giants were up 3-0, it felt like they were up 100-0.  I felt pretty good about it. 

Fun fact: I've seen Matt Cain pitch a number of times.  He randomly seems to pitch every time I'm at the park.  He is undefeated every time I've seen him pitch in person.  I've even seen him hit two home runs.  Apparently this guy knows when I'm in the park (though, it's not great when performances like this end up being against the Cubs.) 

Speaking of the Cubs- I'm obviously still a massive Cubs fan.  I agree that I'm jumping on the Giants bandwagon here and supporting this team, but keep in mind that I've been writing about the Giants from time to time over the last few years and do follow them because they are the local team.  As long as their performance doesn't impact the Cubs in any way, I don't think there is any problem with cheering the Giants on.  In fact, Mark DeRosa and Mike Fontenot are on the team and I hope they get rings. 

In the end, the Giants won 3-0 and the walk down from section 319 was filled with a massive amount of people yelling "Let's Go Giants!" or "Phillies Suck!"  Such a great environment for playoff baseball.  This town is hungry. 

I've been to a few LCS games previously (one in Atlanta in 1991, one in Oakland in 2006, and yesterday) but this was definitely the best playoff baseball experience I've personally been in a ballpark for.  Great times!  Thank you to Mark for helping me get tickets and thank you to Woods for being able to go (and for the Red Stripe beer he got me at the Cha Cha Bowl station.)  It was just another great sports experience that I am thankful for. 


Clarkster said...

319 was the section me and my buddy sat in for game one against the braves. Not a bad spot to take in a playoff game. It's now Madison's turn to throw a 2-5 hitter go 7 strong and give the giants and Timmy a chance to close this bitch out at home on thursday!!!

Tony B. said...

I like the way this is looking for the Giants. The series is shaping up in ideal fashion for the type of games the Giants like to play. I'm sure they'd really like to see Bumgarner beat Blanton- then they'd only have to steal one game against Halladay, Oswalt and Hamels. Very entertaining series!

Clarkster said...

Very entertaining indeed, and if you happen to land some other game tickets like I don't know World Series tickets feel free to call the Clarkster you know i'm always down even if it involves calling in sick.

Tony B. said...

Haha! I'll keep it in mind. You never know I guess, but I'm not expecting to get WS tickets

GMoney said...

I called my friend Sean, but he was already going to the game with his girlfriend's mom's friend.

WTF? That is the lamest thing that I've ever read.

Hammer is a sellout. Everyone on the planet knows that he's an A's fan.

Tony B. said...

Haha! I guess I did just throw that out there with no explanation.

Sean's girlfriend's mom's friend has season tickets and usually gives Sean and his girlfriend tickets throughout the season. Since it was the playoffs, she was going and gave Sean the other ticket for his birthday. He got his ticket for free and since it was a gift from someone that had nicely supplied him with tickets during the season, it would have been a bad idea to burn that bridge.

I said the exact same thing about Hammer yesterday. Before they showed him on the jumbotron, I actually said, "There's no way he would be here- he's an A's fan!" Clearly, he is a fan of the green.

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