Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Not Much Today

It was a busy night, busy morning, and busy day so I don't have time to write too much at the moment.  Here are some quick thoughts:

- Go Giants!  They got it done and Bruce Bochy is looking like "The Magic Man" with all of his decisions.  The Giants definitely got some big breaks, but in the end they made their own luck.  Their upcoming series against the Phillies is going to be a tough one, though. 

Oh, I also love seeing Derek Lowe lose.  I hate that guy. 

- Is it hilarious when Brett Favre throws a pick 6 to seal a loss?  Yes.  Did he more than likely need some massage therapy with a full release after the game?  Absolutely.

- I can't bet against Cliff Lee.  I think the Rangers will win today.  Is it really possible that they are the ONLY team in Major League Baseball to have never won a playoff series?  It is because that fact is true.  Where else can you get fun facts like that?  What's that?  ESPN, CBSSports.com, Yahoo Sports, and tons of other mediocre blogs?  Well, that really killed the point is was trying to make. 


GMoney said...

I could not believe how crazy San Fran is with Giants Fever...really cool. EVERYONE is into it.

Tony B. said...

It's true- they are going nuts out here!

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