Friday, October 8, 2010

SF Giants Win Game 1 (NLDS)

Well, well, well.  Tim Lincecum is apparently still the ace that he has been the last three years.  What a dominating performance.  I'm sure some found it to be a boring pitcher's duel.  The Giants offense looked anemic, but they did manage to squeeze out one run (that probably shouldn't have happened due to Buster Posey being called safe on a stolen base when he was out) which was just enough for Big Game Timmy Jim to take care of the rest. 

14 K's is nothing to sneeze at.  For anyone questioning whether or not Lincecum would be ready for his first postseason action, I guess we got our answer.  Much like Roy Halladay, Lincecum was ready to mow down the Braves and throw a complete game shutout.  Both pitchers took care of business during their first starts in the playoffs. 

It's such an interesting feeling when 1 run by the Giants feels like they just scored 10 because there's no way Lincecum would give up a run.  I'm very happy they let him finish the game and I'm excited to see what Matt Cain do tonight.  Can he put up a similarly dominant performance?  Cain is a savage, but he may fall prey to the usual "lack of run support" that the Giants typically throw on his back.

It's nice to see playoff baseball back in the Bay Area.  The crowd really stepped up their game last night and did Bay Area sports fans justice.  AT&T Park was really rocking!  Good job Giants for getting the "W" and good job fans for going a little nuts. 

I don't have a more official breakdown for you, just that the game was fun to watch and I think the rest of the series will be entertaining as well.  Have a great weekend and enjoy tonight's game!


GMoney said...

See you Sunday?

Tony B. said...

For sure!

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