Thursday, October 7, 2010

Top 5 Addictions

These are both awesome and bad, depending on how you look at them. I'd like to think I have all of these habits under control, but isn't that exactly what an addict would say?

5. Going to the Peppermill - Clearly this one actually paid off. I went to the Peppermill 4 times in a 7 week period and finished that stretch with the well chronicled stay as their "High Roller."  Even without the High Roller trip, I was actually up money during the first 3 trips, which was phenomenal.  They've clearly earned a longtime customer as I've already booked my next trip (December 10-12!)

4. Wendy's - Out of all the fast food joints, I find myself coming back to Wendy's most often.  I enjoy their Chicken Sandwiches and those Spicy Chicken Nuggets.  The location nearest my work has the fastest drive thru window in the history of the world, so it is all too easy to make a quick stop there if I am starving or running low on time.  I'm not joking, you pay, drive to the next window and your food is typically hanging out the window ready for you.  Could this be a bad thing that food is prepared that quickly?  I have no idea, but it tastes great and never makes me sick, so I still go there ever so often. 

3. Caffeine/Diet Rockstar - I have caffeine withdrawals during the day.  I don't drink coffee regularly.  I have no idea why I don't, but I don't.  Years ago, I started drinking diet soda and now I can't stop.  I moved up the "wake you up" meter to Diet Rockstar cans if I have something important to do (shows, band practice, big household projects, etc.)  I am well aware that soda and energy drinks are not good for me, but so far I can't break the habit.  The worst part is that if I go cold turkey on the sodas, I'll inevitably steer back because no other mixer goes quite as good with whiskey.  They've got me trapped!

2. Burritos - Mexican food is too damn good.  I really want to eat healthier.  By no means am I severely overweight, but I could stand to lose a few pounds.  This clearly isn't going to happen at the rate I eat burritos during the week.  They are too delicious.  It is impossible to stop.  I guess I could open the burritos up and not eat the tortilla- but what is the fun in that?  Between chain restaurants and independent Mexican restaurants, this habit will be a hard one to stop.  Damn you California for having such delicious Mexican food!!! 

1. Chicago Sports - I am a Cubs, Bears, Bulls and Blackhawks fan.  There's no getting around it.  While the Blackhawks did just win Lord Stanley's Cup, Chicago sports as a whole has driven me nuts my entire life- in a good way.  The psyche of a Chicago fan is quite delicate and it is too easy to make them overvalue their teams, and even easier to make them go into a deep depression with little or no hope.  The Bears were just 3-0, and the fanbase felt on top of the world.  That's nothing the offensive Offensive Line couldn't take care of.  After helping to concuss Jay Cutler, it's time to temper expectations (or like I said, go into a deep depression.)  I wouldn't trade my teams in for anything, but that is why this is my number 1 addiction.

I'm not even sure I absolutely need an intervention on any of these things, but I've tried hard to at least limit them to healthy levels.  Almost anything is ok in moderation.  At least, that's what I tell myself...


Mrs. B said...

This is an accurate list. Here's mine:
- Filling shopping carts at online stores. (to never be fulfilled)
- Researching beauty products
- Eating sweet treats
- Taking naps
- Returning things. Because all purchases are pending until the return expiration date.

GMoney said...

Dude, start drinking coffee. Hazelnut creamer makes anything drinkable. And it's so much cheaper.

Burritos are the best. But don't dismiss the addictive powers of the complementary chips and salsa at mexican restaurants. I could put down 8 baskets of those without even thinking about it.

Cutler out, Todd Collins IN!

Tony B. said...

Mrs. B. - your list is accurate as well. I guess we're highly aware of our addictions. Add- Sorority Life on FB.

G$ - I should probably just start drinking coffee. I drink it occasionally but haven't broken down to buying a coffee maker. There's really no reason why I haven't.

Complimentary chips will be the death of me! Also- the bottomless Tostada chips at Chili's. Same concept, and it's easy to find a deal to dodge the $3 you might pay for them.

Now if McNabb will only break his ankle and Cutler stays out, we could get a Bears v. Redskins match up in a few weeks lead by Collins and The Sex Cannon, respectively. That would be quite a game!

GMoney said...

Holy shit. That would be all sorts of amazing.

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