Monday, November 8, 2010

A Case of the Mondays

This weekend was not the most productive for me, but I was able to watch the Red Zone Channel on Sunday morning (adding to my lack of productivity), so let's talk some football:

Bears vs. Bills - What a terrible game.  It was so bad that I think the Red Zone channel went to this game maybe 3 times.  Jay Cutler was unimpressive, but at least he didn't throw any interceptions (one lost fumble, though.)  Almost getting beat by the Zero Win Buffalo Bills is not the way to instill confidence in the Bears' fan-base, but a win is a win.  After losing a couple games that they should have won, I'm happy to say the Bears ruined Chris Berman's Sunday. 

Chargers vs. Texans - Phillip Rivers keeps tearing the league up with his arm (which hasn't led to as many Charger wins as one might think) but I'm more concerned with his opposition from Sunday.  I have Matt Schaub in one fantasy league and he has been under-performing to say the least.  Luckily, Peyton Hillis is also on that team so I was able to grasp a comfortable victory.  I am a bit worried about the long term viability of Schaub as my starting QB (Sam Bradford is my back up which is not the best option either.)  Why didn't I title this section "My Yahoo Fantasy Football League?" 

The San Francisco 49ers - They didn't lose this week!  A week without a loss is a successful week, in my book- and probably in Coach Singletary's book as well.

Jets vs. Lions - Is there any team that the NFL loves more than the Jets?  First, there was this year's Hardknocks that followed this Jets team.  Then, there was the constant talk on ESPN about whether Mark Sanchez is ready to guide this team to a Super Bowl.  Now, I see that the Red Zone channel can almost be called "The channel with the Jets game on it."  After being held to 3 points in the first half, the Jets made a comeback and beat the Lions.  The first half of the game was boring, so why did I see so much of it?

Cowboys vs. Packers - The Sunday nighter was out of hand almost immediately.  The Cowboys are a bad, bad football team.  I'm not sure how they got to be this bad, but they are.  This makes me think back to what a great win I thought the Bears got when they beat Jerry Jones' crew, but now I see it was actually just another easy win that the Bears were lucky to get. 

My ESPN Fantasy Football Team - Luckily, I played against a team that scored 37 points so I will easily win this week.  Both my teams sputtered to start the season, but have come back to be 5-4 and right in the thick of the playoff hunt.  This league has my 3 RB system of LT, Forte and Burner Turner which helps overcome my lack of quality at the QB position (Palmer and McNabb.) 

I'd love to also talk about Brett Favre- no, wait- actually I would not like to talk about him.  How is it possible that I see his postgame press conferences every week?

Raider Nation looks to be back.  After a sad loss to the Niners a few weeks back, they have since hammered the Broncos, destroyed the Seahawks, and beat the first place Chiefs in overtime.  Get ready for the Super Bowl Oak-town.


GMoney said...

You should be very concerned about Schaub. The Texans almost look like a run-first team now. And Arian Foster looks like the real deal.

Scott Hanson ran an excellent RedZone yesterday. No one can toggle games like that guy.

Tony B. said...

The Texans/Chargers game was on a bunch during the Red Zone morning session- it not only looks like they are run first, they actually are. It is not good time for my fantasy team.

I was happy with Red Zone for the most part, but don't you feel like the Jets get a little bit more run than necessary?

GMoney said...

I didn't notice it actually.

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