Monday, November 22, 2010

A Case of the Mondays

Friday: I was just happy to done with work at 5pm.  It was quite the busy week and I was plenty glad to go home and sleep before before working on Saturday. 

Saturday: I was working at the UC Davis/Sac St football game (The Annual Causeway Classic) so I had to go in around 10am.  I was at Aggie Stadium by around 1pm and kick off was at 4pm.  Everything was going along fine until part of the way through the first quarter.  It began to rain.  It began to pour.  It was, dare I say it, beginning to storm. 

I had gone outside for a second to check in on the game, but retreated by to the office quickly due to the rain.  Then I thought I saw a police car's lights outside of the office window.  A second later there was a massive BOOM.  It was not police lights, but lightning that struck dangerously close to the stadium.  This happened seconds into halftime. 

Of course, they couldn't allow a football game to continue with lightning- 22 guys running around with metal objects on their heads is probably a worse idea than putting Brad Garrett in another sitcom.  They delayed the game 30 minutes extra. 

We normally close the ticket office after the 3rd quarter.  With the storm raging, and the game delayed, it was obvious we weren't going to sell another ticket.  We closed up shop and I drove to my friend John's house to hang out. 

Oddly, because of the delay, I was able to watch the end of the game at John's.  It was actually a fun game to watch and the Aggies were able to come from behind and score the only 3 points of the second half.  Aggies win 17-16. 

Sunday: I watched some Red Zone in the morning, so here are my quick impressions of the games:

- The Bengals are awful.  Just a train wreck of a team.
- Welcome home Raider fans, it's nice to see you back down to Earth.
- I went up against a team that has Aaron Rodgers and Greg Jennings... it was not pretty.
- Brett Favre has checked out.  I won't be shocked if he retires before the end of the year.
- The Redskins played an overtime game- AGAIN.  It is not fun to watch Donovan McNabb, but it is impressive that they bounced back this week from that demolishing they were served on Monday.
- Colts/Patriots was a fun game to watch.  It usually is.
- The Niners are awful.  Just a train wreck of a team.
- What in holy hell was Eli Manning doing fumbling for no reason?!?!? 

It was a pretty fun day of football with no pressure as the Bears had already advanced to 7-3.  This season is shaping up to be quite exciting for the stretch run. 

That's about all I have for the weekend.  So glad this past week is in the rear view mirror!


GMoney said...

Get ready for the awesome Brett Favre/Donovan McNabb showdown in 6 days. It's going to be the best. I just wish that the Skins were the team to get Childress fired.

Tony B. said...

If you like interceptions, incomplete passes, and hobbling that is the game for you! I'm not glad Childress got fired. I was wondering how much further he could set the Viking franchise back.

Bears/Eagles and Packers/Falcons next week will probably sort some things out in the playoff race. I'm interested to see if the Bears D can hang with Vick. Cutler is probably in trouble vs. the Eagles D.