Monday, November 29, 2010

A Case of the Mondays

RIP Leslie Nielsen.  Surely, you will be missed. 

Thanksgiving was fine overall, but I did have to work Friday and Saturday so let's skip right to yesterday's NFL Game of the Week- that's right, the Chicago Bears vs. the evil Philadelphia Eagles. 

I guarantee I am more annoyed at Michael Vick because I had to listen to all the media experts tell me how Vick is the "real deal" and "the most exciting player in football" and how he is going to destroy the Bears' defense.  I must give credit to Steve Mariucci, though.  He in fact did pick the Bears to win on the NFL Network pregame show (meanwhile Michael Irvin scoffed in the background- what an ass.)  However, immediate annoyances aside, Michael Vick plays 5 solid weeks of football this year and all of a sudden everyone wants to talk about how amazing he is and how he's re-paid his debt to society?  This guy killed dogs!  He organized and financed an entire dogfighting ring!  I'm glad he's talking to kids about his mistakes, but damn America- did we really get over this as soon as he scored 6 TDs against the Redskins? 

Enough of my rant.  We can either believe that Vick is a changed man or not- it doesn't affect the main point of this post which is the Bears/Eagles game. 

The Bears defense did a great job containing Vick and playing their whole "bend but don't break" style of D.  It can be frustrating watching them at times, but I've learned that they usually get the job done.  The interception in the end zone near the end of the 1st half was HUGE.  I think that play changed the entire game and was the reason the Bears ultimately won.

The most impressive thing, in my view, was how well the Bears' offense played.  Jay Cutler was awfully efficient.  4 TDs and 0 INTs shows that Cutler was at his best.  He was making great throws to his receivers.  More importantly, he wasn't making dumb "gunslinger" throws right into the teeth of the Eagles' D.  I could definitely get used to more performances like that from Cutler. 

It also proved to me that Julius Peppers has a GREAT signing in the off-season.  He has been such a difference maker.  Even if 4 tackles and 1 sack aren't groundbreaking numbers, he definitely helped create pressure that ultimately allowed Vick to make some crucial mistakes.  Obviously, Vick still passed for 333 yards, so he wasn't awful, but the pressure coming from Peppers and the rest of the Bears' D caused Vick to rush a bit and make mistakes during some big moments. 

No one wants to believe in the Bears, and yet they keep winning.  As a fan of the team, I even understand why people don't believe in them.  Their offense can go from dynamic to sputtering very quickly.  Their defense allows tons of yards, but buckles down in critical moments.  It is not the prettiest brand of football.  However, it has been getting the job done and I fully enjoyed watching the game yesterday.  Great victory and I hope they can keep it rolling.  Playing at Detroit next week will not be a cake-walk, so I hope they are ready.

How weird was the Walking Dead last night?  I hope this CDC thing ends up being cool, but with one episode left, I don't know if they can give us a decent closure before Season 2.  Dexter was badass as usual.  Season 5 has been amazingly great after setting the bar so high in Season 4.  Well done!

Also, if Tim Hightower doesn't score 13 points, I'll win both my fantasy football leagues this week!  Point, point, point!

Last but not least, Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife!  You're the best Mrs. B.!


Mrs. B said...

Thanks for the shout out! Next stop: Mikuni Sushi! I get to spin the birthday wheel, what will I win?! A shot glass? a t-shirt? a box of mints? a 5-lb bag of rice?

GMoney said...

Whoa, hold off on the Dexter-love. She$ and I both agree that this season took FOREVER to finally get interesting over the past two weeks which is attributed to the awfulness of Julia Stiles.

I swear that Israel Idonije has a million sacks this year.

Lovie smiled again yesterday...this is getting weird.

Clarkster said...

He will be missed but don't call him Shirley!!!

GMoney said...

Get your ass out of bed, dammit, and start writing!