Tuesday, November 9, 2010


How BAD is the NFC West?  To say it is the worst division in football is not only obvious- it may also be an understatement.  It could be the worst division of all time.  As usual, my crack team of researchers are on vacation, so I can't back that up with factual evidence, but I can't think of another division from any other year that was worse.  Let's look at the standings:

Seattle 4-4
St. Louis 4-4
Arizona 3-5
San Francisco 2-6

So which of these teams scares you?  The correct answer is none.  Which team stands a chance at winning a playoff game?  I don't see it at this point.  I know that any team can get hot and make a run to the Super Bowl (2008-2009 Cardinals) but right now, I don't see any of these teams making noise. 

One more scary thing about these standings is that the San Francisco Mike Singletaries are 2 games out of first place.  2 games out!  With 5- count 'em 5 division games left.  I know I had a hardy chuckle when their president Jed York said they would still make the playoffs after their loss against the Eagles.  I laughed harder the following week when Mike Singletary said they were going to make they playoffs.  Then came a loss against the anemic Carolina Panthers where Alex Smith was injured. 

Of course, former Ohio State Buckeye, Ted Ginn's childhood friend, and third string QB Troy Smith came in the following week to guide them to a victory over the Denver Broncos.  This gave the Niners win #2 and motivated Coach Sing to praise Troy Smith and say that the reason the Niners have lost all of the games they have was due to lack of leadership at the QB position. 

This team is a disaster.  You have Coach Singletary and Alex Smith trading comments through the media, a defense that is not as good as advertised in the preseason, and they've lost at least 3 games that they could have won.  AND YET, look where they are.  2 games out with 5 division games remaining.  Am I losing my mind, or could the Niners still win this division and go to the playoffs? 

This is probably more of post about how awful the NFC West is, but it is interesting to think about how the Niners could still dig themselves out of this Chilean mine size hole they've dug themselves.  The better question might be if they were to make a run and win their division, would that save Coach Singletary's job by the end of the year.  My guess?  Probably not. 


GMoney said...

It will be between the Rams and the Niners. I have a sneaky feeling that they get on a roll with Troy Smiff and start winning in spite of their horrible coaching staff.

Tony B. said...

The Niners are BAD, but it is crazy to think about how they could still make the playoffs. I agree with your sneaky feeling.