Thursday, November 4, 2010

Show Tonight at Fox & Goose!

You should definitely make it out to Fox & Goose tonight at 8pm if you can.  It's the last show I have scheduled for a little bit, so you it will be well worth your effort to come out.  Remember, F&G is at 1001 R St in Sacramento.  I'm playing from 8-11pm, so come on in and have your favorite pub brew.

In other news, the Giants parade was pretty awesome.  I actually really liked The Governator's speech (even though he got booed by a lot of people- c'mon folks, knock it off.  Yesterday was supposed to be a happy day, not to mention he's going to be out of office quite soon.)  Arnold said something like, "I may be the Terminator, but now San Francisco has The Machine," then he pointed at Brian Wilson. Great moment!

I also enjoyed South Park last night.  Cartman riding around on a demon like it was the "Neverending Story" puffy white dog, Mysterion's identity revealed, and the fact that Kenny is actually aware of the fact that he can't die were all quite awesome.  Also, the LeBron commercial spoof was hilarious!  Should be a good finale for this epic chapter of South Park next week.

But seriously, come out to the show- it will be a fun time!


GMoney said...

Mintberry Crrrrrrunch!

The Nike spoof was hilarious. Should I have listened to my technicians? I mean, they're my technicians.

I liked the reappearance of the shop teacher. Quit horsing around!

Tony B. said...

Is Dr. Chaos still in the cage?! Butters always gets the raw end of the deal!

The shop teacher was great. That was also the episode where Ronnie James Dio played their school dance! Holy diver!