Friday, November 12, 2010

Thank You Notes

I took this idea from Jimmy Fallon, wanna fight about it?

Dear Veteran's Day,

Thank you for honoring our Country's Service Members.  Oh, and also thank you for getting me the day off from work!  Sleeping in late on a Thursday never felt so good!

Well rested,
Tony B.


Dear The League,

Thank for for coming back for season 2.  I don't know why I never watched the show last year, but I'm loving the show this year.  Friends getting in trouble, talking smack, and pranking each other all over a fantasy football league seems like the perfect premise for a sitcom- and that's probably because it is.  ¡Bro-Lo El Cunado!

Tony B.


Dear Failure,

Thank you for being an awesome band (though I don't think they are still together) and putting out this song back in the 90s:

Upon searching for this video, I found out that the band Paramore does a cover of it. The Paramore version is inferior- by a lot.

Tony B.


Dear Heat,

Thank you so much for being 5-4. I can now officially have a hearty chuckle at the people who predicted them to go better than 72-10. They are currently at least worse than the Celtics and Magic, not to mention a number of the Western Conference teams. This team is fun to hate and I hope they continue to flounder.

What should I do,
Tony B.


Dear Clinton Portis,

Thank you for wearing a Phillies hat to practice yesterday. I mean, I'm sure no one in the Washington area will care that you are wearing an article of clothing supporting the city your team is playing against this Monday night. And by no one, I actually meant that the entire Washington DC area will care. Not that it is a big deal in general, but it is amusing. I did love the excuse of "No one sent me [a Nationals hat.]" Brilliant!

Rock on,
Tony B.


Dear My Alma Mater,

Thanks for making an appearance on the Fail Blog.  It looks like our Risk Management building is putting people at risk every time they go to the front door.  I imagine it like a cartoon- you ring the door bell and the entire air conditioning system falls on you.  ♪♫Wah wah wah...

Not visiting that building any time soon,
Tony B.


GMoney said...

I enjoyed last night's expert witness episode but it did not compare to the greatness of Lethal Weapon 5 on IASIP. Best movie ever. I need to see more Danny Devito sex scenes in my life.

Boston is way better but Orlando got curbstomped by the Heat last week.

I don't get the big deal about Portis' hat. He isn't even playing this week.

Tony B. said...

I don't know why, but I feel like Orlando would beat the Heat in a series. I obviously have no head-to-head results to back that up though. Hell, maybe the Cavs are better than the Heat?

I don't really think the Portis thing is a big deal, just included it because it was funny and to see where you stand on athletes wearing other rival city's hats- like when the Yankees were playing the Indians and LeBron wore a Yankees hat. Is it a case by case basis, or is it dumb all around?