Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Two Quick Things

1) I worked Monday morning at the Governor's Green Energy Conference at UC Davis.  I was just making name badges as necessary and helping with student tickets.  It all went fine and was very successful.  This story begins as I was walking back to my car around 1pm to go back to my office. 

I walked past a number of protesters that had signs saying "Global Warming Is A Lie!"  Also, they had pictures of Homer Simpson and signs that read "Science By Homer Simpson."  My first thought was, I haven't seen that episode of the Simpsons.  My second thought was, does Homer even know he's the mascot for a "Global Warming Is A Lie" protest?  My third thought was, I wonder if that is copyright infringement?

But most importantly, my last thought was about the irony of 6 people picketing a Green Energy Conference using Global Warming as the bad guy while it is 81 degrees outside in mid-November.  I'm smart enough to realize that one hot day in Northern California does not prove that Global Warming exists, but it is hilarious it happened to be much warmer than usual on the day these people decided to picket. 

I'm not even sure the Conference was all that much about Global Warming, just about better ways of utilizing energy in more efficient manners.  But then again, I was just outside helping with registration, not inside hanging out with Han Solo (Harrison Ford was there.) 

2) Listening to Colin Cowherd today made me dumber.  I know G$ addressed this yesterday at his blog, but holy football gods did this guy say some dumb stuff today.  He was talking about McNabb's contract and how the Redskins are going to draft Andrew Luck and cut McNabb.  It was one of the dumbest things I've ever heard. 

He assumed that the Redskins would end up 6-10.  While that's entirely possible, he then claimed that all the bad teams ahead of the Redskins in the draft already have quarterbacks.  Therefore, the 'Skins will be able to draft Andrew Luck.  This was after he called Andrew Luck "the safest QB pick in the draft in the last 10 years." 

I'm no brain surgeon, rocket scientist, or NFL GM, but there's no chance Luck falls that far.  Any of these so-called teams that already have QBs will get rid of (via trade, bench, or cut) their current field general and bring Luck in.  He cited the Bills loving Ryan Fitzpatrick.  OK, that's cool and all, but if you have an opportunity to draft "the safest QB pick in the draft in the last 10 years" you make that pick! 

To be honest, I do think the 'Skins will cut McNabb during that window of time where they are allowed to escape from a large contract, but I don't think Andrew Luck is in their future.  Kevin Kolb, maybe.  Jake Locker, maybe.  Hell, Rex Grossman, maybe.  Let's put it this way, they have a chance at Luck, but they'll have to trade up to make it happen. 

My point is really not to analyze the Redskins QB situation, it's just to illustrate that I hate it when radio folks make dumb arguments.  Obviously, opinions are a different matter because we're all allowed to have them, but don't tell me that a fantastic QB prospect will get passed on because the Carolina Panthers love Jimmy Clausen.  That is just stupid. 


GMoney said...

Ryan Mallett is probably a more likely choice. And I think that they trade McNabb to AZ or MIN.

Really? Andrew Luck is safer than Matt Ryan? Eli? Rivers? Ben? Just today he was hammering on young people for saying that everything they see is "the best ever". This is the exact same thing.

If Han Solo believes in global warming then so do I. He was encased in carbonite for christsake!

Tony B. said...

I know I'm preaching to the choir, but Cowherd has been even worse recently.

Trading McNabb would a really slick move- good luck with that.

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