Monday, December 6, 2010

A Case of the Mondays

That's right, I'm back and feeling 100% better.  I thought this past Tuesday was going to be the end for me.  I'm sure most flu survivors have felt like that as well.  Maybe I should run a 5K for charity and donate the proceeds to the "The Fight To End The Flu" Foundation.   What's that?  This doesn't exist?  Well it should!  Not everyone gets Cancer or AIDS, but everyone has had the flu, right? 

Here is how I felt by Wednesday afternoon:

Don't take eating solid foods for granted!  A big thank you to VitaminWater for helping me survive. 

Friday: Quite a tame day for me as I still wasn't in tip top shape, but let's start by congratulating G$'s Miami (OH) Redhawks for their MAC Championship win!  Amazing that they were 1-whatever last year and turned it all around to win their conference championship this year.  That is quite the achievement.  If nothing else, it was a fantastic distraction for G$ away from his Washington Redskins- who are just terrible. 

Saturday: I was a productive little worker to sanitize our apartment.  Mrs. B. had gotten sick after me, so our apartment was in need of some disinfecting.  Cleaning up the kitchen area, vacuuming, changing all sheets and doing loads of laundry with all the clothes we wore during our battle with the flu.  I swear I got a full work day in with home chores. 

Afterward, Mrs. B. and I went over to our friends' house to hang out.  It was just John, Katrina, Mrs. B. and myself.  John and I played guitar and re-lived the 1990s via our music collections while Mrs. B. and Katrina sat in the sitting room to talk about the recent "Project Runway."  (Editor's note: I don't actually know what Katrina and Mrs. B. talked about- I just picked something that sounded plausible.) 

Sunday: Since John and Katrina have a spare bedroom, we crashed at their place.  In the morning, Katrina and Mrs. B. went out to shop and John and I watched Red Zone all day.  It was glorious.  Here are my thoughts:

- The Bears frustrate me.  Giving up a 2 play, 91 yard drive with less than a minute to go before halftime is unacceptable.  Don't try to compare yourselves to the 2006 or 1985 defenses.  Those defenses would not embarrass themselves like that.  I do think their defense is good, but you can see the letdowns in maddening ways.  At least they get the Patriots on a short week next week- should be a tough one. 

- The Chargers are frauds.  Starting slow every year will have to catch up with you at some point.  Apparently that point is right now.  A team cannot get pimp slapped by the Raiders twice and expect to compete for their division.  The Kansas City Nigerian Nightmares are in control of that division now.  Norv Turner and AJ Smith should be fired. 

- Quarterbacks should NOT know less than me.  This situation happened twice yesterday- once with Carson Palmer and once with John Kitna.  They both needed a regulation score (the Bengals were trailing the Saints, and the Cowboys were tied with the Colts.)  They both completed passes where the runner did not go out of bounds with under 20 seconds left.  They both had 1 timeout at their disposal.  They both tried to run up and spike the ball rather than call the timeout immediately.  They both wasted precious seconds doing so and neither were successful scoring. 

The Carson Palmer version of this was especially awful.  His team was down by 4 points- a field goal would do nothing.  He needed as many shots at the end zone as possible.  Had he called a timeout with 14 seconds left, they could've taken two shots at the end zone.  Instead, he tried to spike the ball and was left with 7 or 8 seconds.  Even worse, the Bengals were flagged for illegal formation because his team didn't get to the line forcing them to use the timeout he was trying to save!  On the next play, Palmer was sacked and the game ended in another loss for the Bengals. 

John and I were screaming at the TV for Palmer to take the timeout immediately as the play was happening.  So I pose the question- why do we know more about clock management than a QB in the NFL?  How is it possible?  Should we be paid to do this brainwork?  If so, can we be on the Washington Nationals pay scale?

- I once thought the Green Bay Packers had the worst uniforms in sports (don't give me the "it's a classic look" excuse- those things are ugly!)  Now I believe they have the 2 worst uniforms in sports.  Those uni-s yesterday looked like Lamar Odom's Kardashian.  Too bad the 49er defense also looked even worse.

- It looks as if Brett Favre is finally done.  This actually is probably a bad thing for the Bears in two weeks.  Am I crazy or are the Vikings scarier with Tavaris Jackson at QB?  They certainly put up 38 points yesterday after Favre was out of the game, so maybe there is something to that. 


Last, The Walking Dead and Dexter deserve a mention for being fine entertainment.  The Walking Dead was a little weird yesterday, and that was not quite the satisfying conclusion to Season 1 that I was hoping for.  However, the overall entertainment value of the show is through the roof.  I can't believe they are going to make us wait until next October for a proper 13 episode season.  The world may run into it's own Zombie-pocalypse by then! 

Dexter continues to not disappoint.  True, this season took some time to set up.  It was the price they had to pay for starting the first episode exactly where they left off.  Dexter is lacking in emotions, but he at least needed some time to get over the tragic events of the Season 4 finale. 

But now that Season 5 is off and running, it has been fine entertainment.  I'm very interested to see how this all works out.  My predictions?  Well... Dexter is going to kill Jordan Chase for sure.  I'd be shocked if he doesn't.  Many people are posturing that Lumen will take the fall for all the killings and go to jail.  I think it is more likely that Deb figures it all out and lets Lumen go.  Finally, the babysitter will unmask herself as the last friend in Jordan Chase's rape gang!  Just kidding folks- I have no idea what will happen!  But this is as good a place as any to place my theory for a future season:

Dexter pretty much is brought in for murder.  Someone (probably Deb) finds out too much info and arrests him.  Defeated, Dexter assumes he'll spend the rest of his life in prison.  While in holding, Captain Matthews comes to talk with him and explains that before Harry died, Harry explained Dexter's dark ways to the Captain and made Matthews promise to look after Dexter.  Ever since, Captain Matthews has been either turning a blind eye to Dexter's ways or even helping him escape police detection.  Once again, Captain Matthews would help Dexter get out of trouble. 

Anyway, that's just a direction I think the show could take if they want to keep toeing the line of Dexter almost getting caught.  At some point, you need an explanation for Dexter getting out of trouble each and every time, right? 

Enough of my dumb Dexter theories.  It's just great to feel better and even better knowing the Bears will have a winning record this year! 


GMoney said...

Deb will never figure that out because she is a terrible cop and Jennifer Carpenter is a HORRIBLE actress. She needs to get stuffed in a barrel by Boyd Fowler.

It will be revealed that Masuka is part of the rape gang. That would work on many different levels.

Julia Stiles needs to go away. Now. Bring back Lithgow.

My only real problem with The Walking Dead is that the kid is named Carl. No one names their kid Carl anymore. Unless it's a tribute to Carl Weathers which is completely acceptable.

Tony B. said...

I don't think Jennifer Carpenter is HORRIBLE (i.e. she doesn't bother me during most episodes) but I will not debate her merits because she is not good. Boyd may have a hard time stuffing anyone in a barrel while he's cut into pieces and dumped in the ocean.

LOL on Masuka being part of the gang. Ridiculous, but funny.

The guy who recorded my album is named Karl, but that is actually his middle name. His first name is actually Julius, but everyone calls him Karl. His DJ name is DJ Julius Pleaser.

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