Monday, December 20, 2010

A Case of the Mondays

Let's stick to a mostly NFL Football recap today.

First, if you read Friday's post, you know that I was going up against Michael "The Dogkiller" Vick in Fantasy Football this weekend in the semi-finals of my ESPN league.  In fact, I would argue that I'm actually going up against the greatest fantasy football team ever assembled- but I digress.

The NY Giants defense was a collection of heroes during the first half of this game.  They held Vick to ZERO POINTS.  However, the dam caved in during the second half in what could only be described as a lack luster effort both the Giants offense and defense.  How are you going to blow a 21 point halftime lead AT HOME?!?  It makes no sense!  Justin Tuck can bow all he wants after sacks in the first half- he still needs to finish the damn game, which he did not.  That's right Giants D- you allowed 40 fantasy points for Vick in the second half of the game.  This is not helpful in my quest to win a fantasy championship. 

I'm now down 23 points going into tonight.  My opponent has Adrian Peterson.  I have Forte and the Bears D.  I'm thinking the scenario I need is 21-0 Bears win, and Forte has 2 touchdowns.  I'm not sure how likely that is based on Forte being horrible and Chester Taylor stealing all of his goal line touches (not to mention the field being a virtual ice skating rink) but we'll see if it's possible.  I wish I would've sacked up and started Rex Grossman- he was on my bench in favor of Kerry Collins. 

Jets vs. Steelers - I watched this entire game.  I actually went to the gym during halftime and spent an hour doing cardio in front of the screen.  Is it too much to ask for that LT score a TD?  How about Dustin Keller?  Hines Ward?  No?  None of them?  I could've cared less who won this game, but the guys I was cheering for were awful.  I know this because I almost lost control of my elliptical machine when LT gained 6 yards on a run.  6 YARDS!  I know- it was amazing he got all those yards at one time.  This future hall of famer is just a shell of himself at this point.  Between him and Matt Forte, I have two RBs that get the most 1 and 2 yard gains in the league.  So ugly. 

Anyway, the game was awfully exciting and the Jets ended up prevailing.  Many would say "Hey!  It looks like the Jets are back on track!"  I say, if Troy Polamalu played, the Jets would have lost by 10 or more.  The Bears/Jets game will be interesting next week because these two teams will provide good measuring sticks for each other.  Not to mention the battle between LT and Forte on the ground- how exciting!

Raiders vs. Broncos - Didn't see it.  It was blacked out in Northern California.  Thank you Raiders fans- otherwise I would have been stuck watching this game instead of the Jets/Steelers.  It would've been interesting to see Tebow in his first start, but let's keep it real.  The guy is not an NFL QB.  Even his TD pass to Brandon Lloyd looked amateur at best.  He just floated it up there "Three Flies Up" style and Lloyd grabbed it. 

Rams vs. Chiefs - I saw a decent amount of this game.  The only real point I have to make is how BAD the NFC West is.  If the Niners get in the playoffs at 7-9, it may rip open the fabric of time and allow Cthulhu from South Park to begin wreaking havoc on the world.  It would be hilarious to see a 9-7 Bucs team that absolutely dominated the Niners in SF miss the playoffs, while the Niners got in.  It all comes down to next week at the Rams place.  If the Niners win, they have a great shot at ending the world.  At least they will be rewarded by a curb-stomping in their own building by the Saints. 

Tonight's game - The NFL is so dumb for allowing this game to be played outdoors in Minnesota without proper heating under the field.  If they are so worried about the players' health and concussions, then they should realize this is an awful idea.  That being said, this is must watch television.  I have no idea what is going to happen.  Do the Bears dominate the dysfunctional Vikings and their rookie QB, Joe Webb?  Does the weather even the playing field and allow the Vikings to sneak out with an upset?  Does the game end 0-0 with both teams frozen on the field like ice sculptures?  I have no idea.  What I do know is that taking the under is a good idea and that people like watching football in snow.  I also know that the Bears clinch the division if they win tonight, leaving the Packers to fight for a Wild Card spot.  Suck it media "experts!"  Go Bears!


GMoney said...

Duuuuude, I checked already. The O/U is 33. THIRTY THREE! I don't think that I've ever seen one that low.

And if you are going to quote South Park, "I broke the dam".

At least I was right on Collins and not starting White due to Collie.

Tony B. said...

You were absolutely solid in your advice. Michael Vick is just tough to overcome in general. I was not pleased with LT or Keller going into the games and almost picked up Donald Brown and/or Maurice Morris (and for TE I almost played Shockey or the other Saints TE who had an awesome day.) I chickened out and stayed with LT and Keller. MISTAKE!

33 is awfully low, but I still think it is happening. However, did you hear that Favre has been upgraded and might actually play tonight?! Will that guy just retire already????

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