Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fantasy Football Champion

My bunch of rag-tag grinders actually WON the fantasy football championship this week.  True, I ended up starting Rex Grossman this week (over Tim Tebow, which was a mistake) but it was enough to win by 14 points.  Matt Forte and the Pats D were the two biggest factors in my victory. 

Going into Tuesday night I was up 17 and my opponent (Clarkster's brother) had the Eagles D.  I was a bit worried because I figured that the Eagles would win and that the Vikings would have a hard time doing anything (see last week vs. the Bears.)  However, my fears were unfounded as Joe Webb and the Vikings D came up huge.  Not only did they help me out to bring a fantasy football championship home, their victory also allows the Bears a guaranteed first round bye in the playoffs.  Talk about your 1-2 punch of bliss!  It was a good night! 

That's about it.  My break from work is going quite well.  I'm working out every day and getting things done.  Yesterday, Mrs. B. and I brought our cats to the vet for their shots- how exciting!  As you can tell, things are going well...


GMoney said...

Well done. It seems like this was a magical year where everything just sort of fell into place for your squadron of has-beens and never-was's!

I'm in a big money ($120 entry fee, $5 for each transaction) league that goes through the Super Bowl and my only QB is Rodgers. Since the Bears should be taking it easy this week, thank you for helping me out as well. Eventhough I think the Packers win anyway, it's nice to know that the second half should be scrubs for the Bears.

Tony B. said...

Thanks G$- your statement is very true. I won the first round by 1 point, the second round by 2 points and the championship by 14.

Hopefully you do well in the big money league, though Lovie said they are going to play their guys. I can see it both ways. In no way do you want your guys to get hurt. On the other hand, you have next week off and why not try to eliminate the Packers from the playoffs? Should be interesting.

GMoney said...

I have a feeling that although he says this now, the first starter to get knicked with an injury is going to lead all the scrubs onto the field.