Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fantasy Football Playoffs: Update

Well, well, well...

In the land of the blind, the man with one eye is king- and in the land of Fantasy Football- apparently the Bears Defense can lead you to a date in the championship!

I won my match-up with what could be the most stacked Fantasy Team of all time by the score of 76-72.  I was down by 23 points going into Monday Night.  My opponent had AP and I had Forte and the Bears D going.  Obviously, I was helped massively by the fact that AP was ruled out late and there was really nothing he could do about that.  What he could've done, though, was play Vincent Jackson over T.O.  That would've gotten a "W" in our match up.  Fortunately for me, that was not how it shook out and even 40 of the "Dog Murderer's" points could overcome the stout Bears' D.

I figured that Matt Forte would have to have a huge game for me to win.  While Forte was ok with 9 Fantasy Points, it was the Bears D with 18 points (5 turnovers, 4 sacks) that really got it done for me.  Not only did they help me, but they helped the world by hopefully ending Favre's career.  I'm not even really trying to be that much of a jerk about the Favre thing- it's better that he retire now before this guy gets killed on a football field.  I listened to his press conference yesterday and he was very concussed.  Sure he said some smart things, but there were a few questions he stumbled through like he was a Finnish immigrant that barely speaks English.  He needs to retire so that he doesn't die on the field.  Think about how awful Corey Wootton would have felt if he killed a guy last night.

So I'm now matched up in the finals with a team that goes like this:

QB Rivers
RB Moreno
RB Hillis
RB/WR Garcon
WR Bowe
WR Santana Moss
TE Boss
DEF Browns
K Hartley

He has a few good bench players like Donald Driver, Johnny Knox, Big Ben, Toby Gerhart, etc.  So we'll see how this shakes out.  But here are my main decisions going into the championship:

QB Kerry Collins, Sexy Rexy or Non-Sexy Carson Palmer?

RB I'm more than likely sticking with Turner and Forte, but LT at flex?  Ugh.  Who are some sleepers I should pick up?  I already have some waiver claims that should go through tomorrow, but I can't give those away just yet because ya never know who reads the ol' blog.

WR Colston and Hines Ward- sound ok?  Thoughts?

TE Screw you Dustin Keller.  I will find someone else.

DEF Patriots at Buffalo or Bears at home vs. the Jets???

K Vinatieri over Mason Crosby.  I think that's happening.

How on Earth did I make it to the championship game with this team?  I have no idea- and I don't care!  I'm enjoying this one.  I'm also enjoying the Bears Division Championship!  Sorry Packers- you better beat the Giants next week or you're in big trouble...

Football is fun!


GMoney said...

I don't like his matchups with his studs. Hillis won't do much vs. the Ravens and the Chargers rarely play well in the cold which it will be in Cincy.

It would help more if you told me who your guys were playing against but I have to say...Sex Cannon. Let him win you a title. Good weather in Jacksonville and should be plently of points scored.

Pats D over the Bears.

Tony B. said...

Sex Cannon also cancels out Santa Moss on his end, if I decide to start Rexy.

I think this is do-able, I just need to make some very good/clutch decisions.