Friday, December 17, 2010

Fantasy Football Playoffs

This blog was almost too little too late.  Almost.  What could have been a tragedy is now a tale of hope.  Ok, enough with the suspense, here's the deal:

My fantasy football team (The Peppermill High Rollers- yes, I am that cool) is in it's second round of playoffs.  With only 4 teams left in the league, I'm trying to grind out a win.  My team is not actually that great, but they've performed when they needed to and have gotten this far.  Last week, I won 107-106 to get to this next round of playoffs.  This week I run into my buddy Mike's team (The Boston Teabags)- it is the most stacked team in the history of 12 team fantasy football (screw that- it's the most stacked team ever.)  The bright side is that I would have beaten him last week if we had gone head to head, so all is not lost.

Before I get into the match up, there is one crucial thing worth mentioning.  Mike has Vincent Jackson on his team.  Yes, THE Vincent Jackson.  Ya know, the guy who scored 31 fantasy points last night.  More specifically, Mike has Vincent Jackson on the B-E-N-C-H.  Thank the fantasy football gods!  That would have been a disaster.  Much like the time I lost a week of fantasy baseball when on Monday my opponent had Randy Johnson who threw a perfect game- week over.

So let's talk about the match-up.  Here's who I have currently starting:

QB McNabb
RB Turner
RB Forte
WR Colston
WR Hines Ward
RB/WR Blair White
TE Bo Scaife
DEF Bears
K Vinatieri

On my bench I have:

QBs - Palmer and Kerry Collins
RBs - Tomlinson, McGahee, Beanie Wells
WR - Earl Bennet
TE - Dustin Keller
DEF - Patriots
K - Mason Crosby

I typically start LT over Blair White, but this week LT is going against the Steeler defense.  Feel free to let me know if there are some other match ups I should take advantage of.

Alright, brace yourselves- here is Mike's team:

QB Vick
RB McCoy
WR Andre Johnson
TE Owen Daniels
DEF Bucs
K Phil Dawson

Yeah, I know.  And this is with Vincent Jackson and Santonio Holmes on the bench.  His moves were smart, but I think his trade for MJD probably should've been vetoed (Tamme and Heyward-Bay for MJD?  C'mon now- what idiot agreed to that?!) (He got AP by trading Drew Brees straight up and he had picked up Vick of waivers- that was all fair.) 

Anyway, my team is going to grind it out until the end.  They have been a resilient bunch, so don't count them out!  Should be a fun weekend of fantasy football!

UPDATE: Apparently Sexy Rexy is starting in place of McNabb- now what do I do?!?!  I'm thinking Kerry Collins- thoughts? 


GMoney said...

The Texans have the worst defense in the league. Start Collins.

Your commish is terrible for allowing that MoJo for Tamme and Heyward-Bey deal. You can't have that happen in a league.

Collie is supposedly back this week so I would sit White. But your options aren't very good. With Polamalu out, I don't think that LT is a bad play. The Jets seem ready to get back to the run anyway.

Tony B. said...

This seems like very sound advice. I have to trust you after last weekend's windfall.