Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fantasy Football Tragedy

I've been screwed this year in Fantasy Football.  Surprise, surprise.  I'm beginning to think the Fantasy Gods have it out for me.  It's like I just got pinned by The Heartbreak Kid when I was supposed to win the match.  Here's what went down:

In my 10 team Yahoo league the pack was narrow.  There was an overachieving (lucky) team at 10-2, a savage team at 7-5 (most points in the league by 100), and a whole lot of 7-5 and 6-6 teams.  My team was 6-6 going into this week and I had higher points than most everyone else.  Then things started to get crazy. 

I was getting fed up with Matt Schaub playing like a jerkweed for a number of weeks and figured him verses the Eagles on a short week was a worse match up than Sam Bradford vs. the Cardinals.  OK, I made my bed on this one and I have to sleep in it.  I definitely lost some points on this transaction, but AP kept my team afloat. 

I was up 17 points going into Monday Night with Dustin Keller also active.  My opponent had one player left as well... Tom Frickin' Brady.  At this point you probably see what ultimately happened to my team for the week match up.  They were carved up like Dexter carves up his victims.  I lost by 18. 

The standings now are at 10-3 (this team is going to get smashed in the playoffs), 8-5 (should win the whole thing with Aaron Rodgers and Greg Jennings), three teams at 7-6, and one team at 6-7.  The three teams at 7-6 all have 100 less points than my team.  The one team at 6-7 who is tied with me record-wise has 74 points more than me.  BAM!  That leaves me out of the playoffs. 

It's sad because I really liked this team.  I had a HUGE pick up of Peyton Hillis early on that helped me quite a bit.  Megatron was huge for me.  Austin Collie's injury set me back and the main weakness was Schaub/Bradford at QB. 

Even if I had started Schaub this week, I would have lost.  It just would've been even more heart-breaking. 

In my other league, I finished 6th (of 12) and play the #3 team in our 8 team bracket.  Should I start Palmer vs. the Steelers or McNabb vs. the Bucs?  I'm currently going with the latter, but feel free to let me know your thoughts. 

I typically call Blackjack "the devil's game" but I'm beginning to think Fantasy Football might be the real devil's game.  I do have a feeling I'll be at least a little bit better next year because of all the Red Zone Channel I've watched this year.  Or maybe I'll get screwed again... who knows?


GMoney said...

Isn't there anyone better on the waiver wire that McNabb/Palmer? There has to be SOMEONE.

Monday Nights have been deadly for fatasy football teams this year it seems. More so than usual.

How do you miss the playoffs with AP, Hillis, and Megatron? That makes me a sad panda.

Tony B. said...

There is no one better on the waiver wire. No one I tells ya! I've been looking the whole season (12 team league.)

I have no idea how I missed the playoffs, but it hurts me deep in my soul.