Thursday, December 9, 2010

Jimmy Fallon's idea made worse on this blog- wanna fight about it?  

Dear MLB Winter Meetings,

Thank you for occupying my thoughts for the last few days.  The coverage on the MLB Network makes it all too easy to waste a few hours at night watching unsubstantiated rumors while waiting for a big announcement.  I must say, this year's Winter Meetings did not disappoint as there was at least one blockbuster trade (Adrian Gonzales) and plenty of big name free agents getting signed.  I'm sad that it's over but at least that frees up part of my days!

You will be missed,
Tony B.


Dear Michael C. Hall,

Thank you for your awesome rendition of "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town."  Check it out:

Well done! He has a surprisingly good voice and his delivery of the last line is on point.

See you Sunday,
Tony B.


Dear Carlos Pena,

Thank you for signing with the Cubs for $10 million.  Now if only we can do something about that .196 batting average from last year.  It's odd, if I did less than 20% of my work successfully, I doubt I'd be getting a raise.  Gotta love the baseball free agent market! 

Let's go Cubbies,
Tony B.


Dear LeBron James,

Thank you for comparing yourself to Brett Favre so that the rest of the world's comedians, media, and hack bloggers like myself don't have to.  Inferring that the people of Green Bay are over Favre's departure because they have Aaron Rodgers now seems like an interesting comparison to the people of Cleveland.  Unfortunately, you're missing a few facts- 1) the Cavs don't have their Aaron Rodgers.  2) A lot of people in Green Bay still hate Favre for leaving.  3) Favre was traded to the Jets originally, you left on your own and used "kids" as the excuse to stomach punch the city of Cleveland on the way out.  Like Chandler from "Friends" would say- "Can you BE any dumber?"  Nope. 

Sick of your face,
Tony B.


Dear ESPN First Take,

Thank you for providing brain numbing programming.  I put it on every morning while I eat cereal and yet the show is never good.  Why do I keep torturing myself?  Is it because there is nothing else on?  Is it because I've already seen every episode of Saved By The Bell, so TBS isn't an option?  Is it because I have a decent amount of self-hate?  Who knows?  I do know that I'm aware of your shifty and horrible show and am getting fed up!

Tony B.


GMoney said...

Exactly. WHERE IS OUR AARON RODGERS! When will we get a guy who wants 'da strap! Does UC Davis have anyone?

Debra Morgan still sucks. Hasn't she slept with everyone on the show?

Tony B. said...

UC Davis needs to find it's own Bobby Hurley let alone someone to replace LeBron on the Cavs.

She has slept with everyone besides Dexter (though she obviously got that done in real life.) Next season she'll probably end up having a secret relationship with that new Latina cop that sold her out this season. It's only a matter of time.

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