Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Back to Alex Smith- Really?!?

Today is the 30th anniversary of John Lennon's murder.  A sad day indeed.  It's not only a date that marks the world's loss of a legendary musician, but it also means I'll be turning 30 in just over 6 months.  You see, John Lennon was killed 6 months and 21 days before I was born.

If you'd like to check out my Top Ten Beatles' Gems post, you can see it HERE.  I looked back on the list and it still stands up today. 

As another musical reminder (just a horrible and inappropriate segue- didn't I just mention the death of a legend?!) my band will be playing tomorrow night at the G St Pub in Davis.  We'll be playing from 10pm - 11pm so make sure you are on time and ready to have a few drinks.  We're playing most of the songs from my recent album so it will be well worth the FREE cover to come in and hang out.

228 G St, Davis, CA 95616 - DO IT!

And from the sports' world- the Niners are starting Alex Smith this week!  Seriously?!?  Alex Smith?!?  Coach Singletary decided that his Titanic version of the Niners couldn't sink fast enough, so he decided to go back to the guy who is 1-6 as a starter this year.  Troy Smith had been a much better option for the Niners and granted, the last two weeks were not good, but Troy Smith's 3-2 as a starter was much better than 1-6.

So why make the move?  Apparently, it is because "Alex Smith knows the entire playbook and Troy Smith doesn't."  Really?!?  So Troy Smith doesn't even know the entire playbook and he goes 3-2, while the guy with all the knowledge required to "do the job" goes 1-6 and he gets his job back?  One might think that this is all the more reason to leave Troy in there, but I honestly can't figure out Singletary's motivation.  Does he want to make sure he gets fired because he is in over his head?  Getting paid for two more years after getting fired at the end of this season would be a sweet deal for someone who has given everyone in the league a reason to question his head coaching ability.

And what if this actually works?  What if Alex Smith comes in and helps the Niners to 7-9 or God-forbid 8-8?  Would Jed York not stick to his guns and allow Singletary to return and bring Alex Smith with him?  What a crazy thought that would be!  Alex Smith getting another crack at it.  It doesn't just sound crazy, that thought is as crazy as the texts coming from Charles Manson's cell phone in prison (yes, he was found with a cell phone in his prison cell.)

First Alex needed continuity at offensive coordinator.  They gave that to him to start the season (although Jimmy Raye II was fired earlier this year.)  Then he needed weapons.  Enter Vernon Davis and Michael Crabtree to go along with Frank Gore.  Davis and Crabtree have been horribly under-utilized this year and that credit goes to Alex Smith.  When do the Niners just cut their losses?

Hilariously, Shaun Hill would probably have this team at 6-6 (at least) right now, even though their defense is worse than expected.  I honestly think that Hill would be a massive improvement over Alex Smith- and this is coming from someone who truthfully wanted Alex Smith to succeed for the Niners.  I really did.  But that ship has sailed and sunk to the bottom of the ocean.

The Niners' fans might revolt if they bring back Singletary and/or Alex Smith next year.  The mutiny could cause low attendance and games to be blacked out locally.  Jed York should be on the phone with John Gruden every day offering him gold plated diapers to coach the Niners.  I guess we'll find out their direction soon, but until then there is nowhere to go but down.


Clarkster said...

About the Manson Cell Phone thing cell phones are a huge problem in the California prison system I'v found 7 of them this year amongst these scum bags unfortunately it's mostly dirty staff bringing these cell phones into these guys and it's kind of a scary thought that Manson ended up with one!!

Tony B. said...

Great insight from the prisons Clarkster- I only thought of one way of bringing in a cell phone and I didn't think it would be sanitary/comfortable/able to produce a working phone.

Keep fighting the good fight, sir. That sucks that dirty staff is bringing in cell phones for convicts.

GMoney said...

I still remember when Lennon died. I was two+ months old and sleeping in a shitty diaper. Whatever, everyone knows that Ringo was the real brains behind that group.

I like to think that Singletary is just openly trying to get fired/murdered at this point. That is the only way to explain it.

Tony B. said...

G$- you saw how much Alex Smith is hated in SF back in October- can you imagine how much worse it is now? It's like almost as if he was let out of prison on a technicality and everyone rioted because they knew he was guilty! (Yes, I'm staying with the prison themed comparisons today.)