Monday, January 3, 2011

A Case of the Mondays: First Monday of 2011

That was quite a nice break from work!  I was off from Christmas Eve until today (though I did work briefly on New Year's Eve afternoon- not a big deal.)  I'm proud to say I actually went to the gym every day besides Christmas and New Year's days.  That was an excellent decision as I feel more energetic to start off the year.  But what else did I do?  Any thing I'd like to comment on?  Let's get down to business:

- Christmas Night Mrs. B. and I met her Mom and Step-Dad at Redhawk Casino.  It was pretty exciting because going to a casino is probably better than standard old family dinner- and that aspect of it was a lot of fun.  However, Redhawk itself was just ok.  Now, to clarify- it is a really nice and legit casino.  Yet, here are my problems.  1) Live Card Craps- it plays exactly like real Craps except without dice.  I lost my money and it felt rigged.  I guarantee it was not- but it FELT that way which sucks.  Definitely not as fulfilling.  2) No Sports Book.  State of California casinos are not allowed to accept sports bets.  So dumb.  3) It was CROWDED.  In a shocking turn of events, the place was insanely busy.  People there had less regard for personal space than in any other casino I've ever been in. 

I did play some good Video Poker, but I will probably not be going back any time soon despite the close proximity to my residence. 

- I cleaned out my closet.  Yeah, it was as boring as it sounds.  I think I've just kept too many shirts and other dumb or old clothes that were clogging up space.  It's nice when you go to wear a shirt and it's actually not wrinkled because clothes are compressed into a closet.  Fun fact: I still own one Mark Prior Cubs jersey. 

- I can finally make coffee!  I received a coffee maker from my friends and one from my Mom.  Apparently everyone knew I wanted one!  So I will no longer be without homemade brew and Coffee Mate creamer.  Where, O where shall I buy coffee and creamer?...

- I'm now a member at Costco!  There is a longer story to this that I may get into another day, but I now have access to all the big box bulk I can handle.  Am I excited?  Well, I now have 30 bottles of Gatorade and a huge plastic box of almonds, so yeah- I'm over the moon.

- I sang some karaoke the other night.  My friend runs a live band karaoke thing every Thursday (like I used to) and I went down to sing a few tunes.  I went with "Learn To Fly" by Foo Fighters and "Starlight" by Muse.  I was worried I wouldn't be able to sing Muse well, but it actually sounded alright- but that is a damn tough song.  I was jealous of the guy who sang "F*** You" by Cee-Lo.  That song is sick!  (I think I actually wrote that same thing the other day!  It's still true!)

- New Year's was spent at our friends John and Katrina's house (from Be The High Roller video fame.) It was a great time. We drank whiskey, smoked cigars, played Wii, and watched scary Dick Clark ring in the new year. I appreciate that he is a staple of New Year's, but it is so depressing to watch him. Everyone is in a partying mood, having a great time, then Dick Clark comes on TV and it's like about as depressing as watching a Sarah Mclachlan ASPCA commercial. Definitely a mood killer. It was a great party, though!

- The Chicago Bears look awful on offense.  This is crazy because Matt Forte was running the ball SO well early, but Cutler threw a few ill-advised picks and the Bears had an impossible time punching the ball into the end zone against the Packers.  Oh well.  I hope the Bears get another crack at the Packers because that would mean that the Bears were hosting the NFC Championship game.  That would be a lot of fun!

- Mr. Show was on the other day and I had forgotten how funny that show was.  Here's a sketch about a week long break up that I found hilarious- Explicit content to follow:

Overall, I had a productive and fun Winter Break. It was just what I needed. Hello, 2011- hope it's a good one.


GMoney said...

Did you see NKOTB-BSB? I just felt sadness when I saw Donnie Wahlberg. YOU DON'T NEED TO DO THAT! And who was that massive guy with the shaved head? He looked like Tazz but fatter.

Dick Clark will never stop making me laugh at him until he dies. And Jenny McCarthy was beyond pointless although I admitted to the wife that she caused many erections for me as a teenager. I will never forget that.

Tony B. said...

I did see the NKOTB-BSB stuff. I was impressed by ABC that they are making sure relevant artists are spotlighted on New Year's Eve...

Love the Tazz reference. No idea who he was though.

Bundled up/older Jenny McCarthy ≤ Singled out Jenny McCarthy

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