Monday, January 10, 2011

A Case of the Mondays

Well, well, well... that was HIGHLY unexpected this weekend.  I'm speaking of the NFL playoffs, of course!

- The Seahawks get it done.  Anybody remember what I wrote on Friday?  Here's a refresher:

Dear Seattle Seahawks (and by extension, the NFC West),

Thank you for being SO bad that you have the media and the public questioning the NFL's beautiful playoff system.  7-9 and in the playoffs while the 10-6 Giants and Bucs sit at home watching the playoffs on their gold-plated flat screens?  That's just embarrassing!  Pete Carroll should hold a press conference after getting stomped at home by the Saints and mention the words "outlier" and "underachievers" multiple times.  Come to think of it, your team may not have "underachieved," your division is just THAT BAD.

Tony B.

Yeah.  I'm a moron.  Or am I?  I'm not sure anyone besides the residents of Seattle thought the Seahawks could get it done (most of them were doubtful as well.)   Also, no one could have predicted that Marshawn Lynch would actually live up to his potential.  It's amazing- the guy is pretty damn good when he's focused and tries.  Here's the best video I've seen of his savage run:

I'll save any further disparaging Seahawk comments until I'm certain that the Bears have beaten them this Sunday... why do I now have a bad feeling about this game?

- Peyton Manning has a 9-10 playoff mark?  It makes me feel that much worse that the Bears gave him his only Super Bowl ring (that game was winnable if the Sex Cannon wouldn't have kept falling over for no reason.)  Anyway, the Jets win and Rex Ryan moves on.  I really don't like the Jets, but I didn't have any money on the game nor any real rooting interest.  I guess the good thing is that we get to see Jets/Pats this weekend.  That should be quite the interesting game- keep your shoes on, Tom Brady!

- Chiefs/Ravens - I expected the Ravens to win.  They did.  It was boring.  Jamal Charles was MISUSED worse than any running back in the history of the league.  Charlie Weiss was too greedy and paid for it.  He was as hungry for passing yards as he normally is for greasy hamburgers.  How'd that work out for ya, hoss? I had the game on but was in and out of the room doing laundry and cleaning the bathroom because this game was so uninteresting. 

- The Packers move on.  I was in one sickeningly odd position for this game.  During the onset of the game, I was cheering for the Packers because I felt like the Bears facing the Seahawks would be beneficial (and I still feel that way- mostly.)  However, the Eagles looked so ordinary during the game that I started to believe that the Bears could take them to the woodshed and I started cheering for the Eagles to come back and win.  Obviously, they didn't so the Bears will now play the Seahawks.  This sets up SO NICELY for a Packers/Bears NFC Championship game.  I'm not sure if this has ever happened before, but I'M IN on this.  I don't care how scary the Packers are, this would be such a fun rivalry game that I want it to happen.  On Saturday, I will be cheering for the Packers to get it done (the fact that the game would be in Chicago makes it a much easier decision.) 

Fun fact: During the 2006-2007 season when the Bears went to the Super Bowl they hosted the Seattle Seahawks at Soldier Field and beat them 28-24. 


I don't have much of a rooting interest for tonight's BCS Championship game, but I suppose I'll support the West Coast team.  Go Ducks if for no other reason than beating Cam Newton and the rest of the SEC. 


GMoney said...

Let me get this straight: a part of you was rooting for the Eagles because you would rather play Philly than a horrible Seahawks team? FIX YO HEAD.

You already got embarrassed by the Seahawks at home once this season and that is enough. The Bears opened as ten point favorites and that seems pretty good to me.

Tony B. said...

I think the playoffs messes with my head quite a bit. I'll agree with you there. I actually watched the Seahawks playing well against the Saints, then saw the Eagles look quite pedestrian vs. the Pack. I'm obviously happy to be playing the Seahawks, so we'll see what goes down.

The earlier match up vs. the Seahawks was my least favorite game I watched all year. Just awful.

Brandon said...

Ugh, that Saints-Seahawks game was terrible. It's pretty rare I genuinely feel bad for professional atheltes. Sorry, Tracy Porter. Your playoff heroics from last year are forgotten; now you're the guy that got thrown off Marshawn Lynch like one of the ax gang at the end of Kung Fu Hustle.

Plus, my playoff challenge fantasy team is in shambles.