Friday, January 21, 2011

Conference Championship Games

I'm pumped for the games this weekend.  Unfortunately, I do have to work Sunday night so 1) I can't watch the AFC Championship game and 2) I can't stay in Reno longer than just tonight and tomorrow afternoon.  Bummer.  Oh well, though- tonight should be a great time and I will get to watch the Bears game, so we're all good.  Let's get on with the predictions:

Bears +3.5 vs. Packers 43.5 - This is a tough one.  I'm obviously bias and earlier this week I said that I could see this game going any which way.  What I'm hoping for is a defensive game where the Bears win the turnover battle (James Starks fumble, anyone?)  I'm taking the Bears 21-20.  Snicker all you want, but you didn't expect me to pick any other way, did you?

Steelers -3.5 vs. Jets 38.5 - I have no idea what's going down in this game either.  I did hear that the Steelers are awfully beat up after their game against the Ravens.  The Jets do seem like a team that is "on a roll" though I don't think that is wholly a reason to pick them (also see: Packers.)  I was really impressed with the Jets handling of the Patriots and they have already beat the Steelers earlier in the year, so let's go with the Jets 24-23 over the Steelers.

Bears and Jets to cover, under in the NFC game and over in the AFC game.  Am I crazy?  Maybe, but this should be a fantastic weekend of football!

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GMoney said...

Good luck at the tables. Bad luck on the football field.

And Mrs. B, thank you for reminding your husband to listen to my sports gambling advice!