Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Mail In

After a rough week, I have very little to contribute to the universe.  On top of that, Mrs. B. was being all dramatic, then brought me a piece of pizza to apologize!  Not a hug or even a protein shake!  Like I want a piece of pizza!

I wish I had some more insight, but unfortunately, this mail-in post using lines from Jersey Shore is about all you're gonna get.  Unfortunately, this week's goal of 5 solid posts failed.  Whether or not this post is actually the one that caused the goal to fail is up for debate, but have a great weekend anyway!  See you all Monday.


GMoney said...

You vs. Your Blog is just like the Capulets and the whatever the fuck their names are.

Tossed Salad was a pleasant surprise last night.

Mrs. B said...

WTF!!! I haven't done anything to you all summer! I'm done, I'm done. Enjoy your life. ::pause pause pause:: wanna snuggle?

Brandon said...

Maybe sending some fantasy baseball trades will energize you for the weekend.

Tony B. said...

@ G$-Deena is a freak!

@ Mrs. B-Sure, after I get my GTL on.

@ Brandon-It certainly would!