Thursday, January 6, 2011

Succinct Story Time

Here are a few quick tidbits from recent times:

- The other day, Mrs. B. and I were at Target.  We went in for one or two items and walked out with a cart full of stuff.  It always seems to work that way, huh?  Anyway, I decided I was going to fix our slow draining sink, so I went to get some Drano.  Once we were over by the cleaning supplies, I remembered that I a) needed to clean the bathroom as well and b) probably needed more Mr. Clean to do so.  I turned to Mrs. B. and said, "I think we need some Mr. Clean."  Out of NOWHERE, a guy with a thick European accent pops his head around the corner and says, "Mr. Clean!  Where is he?"

I paused, looked at Mrs. B., and we were both dumbfounded.  I put my hand out palm up and said, "Mr. Clean is all around here... I don't know which one you're looking for."  He walked away with a goofy smile on his face.  About 3 minutes later, he walked back by us with a spray bottle of Mr. Clean.  He smiled wide and proudly showed us his spoils.  We smiled back and laughed heartily on the inside.

- Forgive me on this one because I actually don't know the full story, but I'll fill in the gaps with assumptions.  I've been very diligent about going to the gym often and last night was no different.  Near the end of my workout, I got on the treadmill closest to the basketball court entrance.  About 4 minutes into my run, a curly haired white guy comes running out of the room with the court.  He runs toward the front desk.  About a minute later, a LARGE (read as: overweight) security guard comes back to the court with him.  This guard puts Kevin James as a mall cop to shame.  Maybe twice his size.

Anyway, the curly haired dude was wildly upset about something, so I took my earbuds out and tried to piece together the information.  Here's what I came up with:

1) Someone hit him in the face.
2) That someone may or may not have had a gun.
3) That someone also retreated into the men's locker room when the curly haired guy got the overweight security guard.
4) Curly went to find the guy who hit him.  He flushed him out of the locker room, and the guy ran out of the gym.
5) Curly ran after the guy, which was stupid.  If you got hit once, what's to stop you from getting hit again?  Also, I did hear rumblings of a gun, which seems to make this situation even dumber.
6) Literally a minute after that, the security guard came waddling out of the locker room.  Having missed the action, I can only assume he went to grab a burger.

No one was hurt and I apologize for not having the full inside scoop.  It was definitely some great entertainment while on the treadmill, though.


Tomorrow is post #600.  I have nothing planned, but I better come up with something good.  Tonight, I'm playing at the Fox & Goose (1001 R St, Sacramento) at 8pm.  David Wallace of Automatic Rival is opening, so it should be a great show!  C'mon down if you're in the area!


GMoney said...

That guy had probably been seeking Mr. Clean for a fortnight and you helped him find it. Well done!

Hoo boy, better check the spelling on the first word of the title.

Tony B. said...

I suck. See what happens when you go to CA public schools rather than NW OH public schools? It's been corrected.