Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tweet Tuesday

I'm going to try something new here because a) I can, b) I'm unoriginal, and c) I don't have anything else planned.  As many (few?) of you know, you can find me on Twitter at twitter.com/tonybataska.  I occasionally write funny and/or thought provoking content (yeah, right) so I'm posting things I've already written or things I will post today.  The only catch is that they all must be less than 140 characters.  Let's get it on!

1) How much do Cam and Cecil Newton make in incentive bonuses for tonight?

2) Troy Aikman seems to love that .

3) I'm naturally cheering for the Packers. I either hate or want the to face the Seahawks. ?

4) OK- so do the Niners tank the season to make sure they get Andrew Luck in 2012?

5) I want Harbaugh to say "I'm excited- I can feel it in my plums..."

6) So Ted Williams' unfrozen head was homeless and now has the voice of an angel?

7) @ NBA Fundamentally Sound Lay Up (this is a hashtag where you take names of video games and make them less ambitious- it's fun, you should try it!)

8) WWRFD?  I ask myself that every day- what would Ric Flair do?  WOOOOOOO!  

9) In conversation told someone "that's why Nickelback's music is so bad." They said, "Actually, I'm a fan..."  #UGH 

10) Coffee is the lifeblood of champions! #Ditka

11) Is it just me or is #AmericanDad better than #FamilyGuy currently?

12) After watching the Bachelor with my wife, I'm unimpressed with the talent on this show.  You know what I'm sayin'.  #uaintgotnoalibi

That was fun and easy.  Maybe I'll try to improve it next week.  What was up with Troy Aikman mentioning the Bone Formation over and over and over on Sunday?  That guy needs help.  And a new announcing partner. 


GMoney said...

I will never join Twitter. I want to remain old school and true to my internet roots. Would Ric Flair join Twitter? I DON'T THINK SO.

Tony B. said...

LOL- you've got me on that. Ric Flair more than likely wouldn't join Twitter. HOWEVER, G$- you would OWN Twitter if you signed up. Great way to promote your blog as well.