Friday, February 4, 2011

Bad News & The Super Bowl

It is with a heavy heart that I write today.  My friend EJ's brother, Lorenzo, passed away yesterday at the age of 24.  I don't have much to say other than I'm saddened and I'm keeping the Verceles family in my thoughts and prayers. 


It's tough to go into a Super Bowl prediction after such a tragic announcement, so I'll make this brief. 

The Packers are favored at -2.5 and the Over/Under is 44.5.  I'm 100% bias and cannot bet on the Packers.  The Steelers (I think) are the better team and will win.  The defenses seem pretty good, but were shredded the last time these two teams played each other. 

I'm not betting on the game and to be honest, I barely want to watch because I don't care for either team.  My guess, though is:

Steelers 30
Packers 21

I'll take the Steelers and the Over. 

Have a great Super Bowl weekend, and throw the Verceles family some good vibes in this tough time.


GMoney said...

Sorry to hear about that, TB. Listening to Joe Buck for 4 hours on Sunday isn't going to make your weekend any better either.

Tony B. said...

I was just thinking about Joe Buck earlier and how awful that will be. When will FOX get a clue and fire him/lower his responsibilities. I'm not excited for this Super Bowl.

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