Friday, February 18, 2011

Bulls On Parade

As I was running my ass of on the treadmill last night, the gym was nice enough to have TNT on one of the TVs.  The Chicago Bulls faced off against the San Antonio Spurs and damn, was that an entertaining game or what?!  Derrick Rose is an absolute savage.  That is a fact.  There is no disputing it- he is the man! He is a closer and I'm damn glad he's on my team.

This morning, I figured that Chicago Sports Talk Radio would be abuzz with positive Bulls talk and I was not disappointed.  In fact, the show I was listening to introduced their segment by playing "Bulls On Parade" by Rage Against The Machine.  Perfect, right?!  I was impressed.

I started to think of other songs that might work for sports teams.  This idea is in its infancy, but let's see what other teams might have theme songs already created for them:

- "The Heat Is On" by Glenn Frey for the Miami Heat.  This song is cheesy and overly positive for the Heat (as I still hate them), but I can only imagine the look on Chris Bosh's face when they are introduced to this song in warm-ups.

- "Do You Believe In Magic?" by The Lovin' Spoonful - Well, the answer currently is "No" after their silly trades to acquire Hedo and Agent 0, but it feels like the people of Orlando would enjoy this:

- "High Enough" by Damn YANKEES - It's a stretch going with a band name rather than song title, but I'm sick of listening to "New York, New York" after Yankee games. Change it up and go with some hair band rock! C'mon young Steinbrenners- make your mark on the team!

Click Here To Listen

- "Cowboys From Hell" by Pantera - This is actually too good for the Cowboys.  They don't deserve such quality metal, but I would see Jerry Jones' reaction as his team is introduced to this.  Oh, and also, the Cowboys can really go to hell.

- And finally, if the Anaheim Ducks don't already use this, I'll be legitimately angry. A-woo-ooo!

I'm sure there are more so feel free to think of your own. Have a great weekend and stay out of trouble you hooligans!


GMoney said...

The best part about the High Enough video, you ask? Ted Nugent not sleeping with teenage girls only to be sporting a pair of Bret Hart wraparound shades!

The Yankees will never stop playing Sinatra after games but if they did, it would be for Empire State of Mind.

Tony B. said...

I know they'd never stop playing Sinatra, but I'm sick of it so I figured I'd offer up my own suggestion. Sometimes you just gotta change it up! Maybe they should just admit they are trying to become the Galactic Empire and start playing the Imperial March from Star Wars.

I do love the Bret Hart wraparounds- it's a classic look!