Monday, February 21, 2011

A Case of the Mondays: President's Day

I'd like to honor all of our past Presidents by dedicating my hangover to them this morning. My weekend has been pretty awesome thus far, though.

The worst thing that happened was when I hurt my lower back.  I'm unsure if it was when I was benching at the gym or what, but my lower back hasn't felt this bad in a year.  Hopefully I can figure it out without more physical therapy, but I guess we'll see.

Since my back was all jacked up, I decided to play the original Legend of Zelda to pass some time.  I'm happy to report that I've passed the first four dungeons and the game is still quite awesome.  I read that it is the 25th anniversary of its release this year!  It's shocking to me that I was 4 or 5 when the game came out, but like I said, it has aged gracefully.

Sunday night I went to Katrina and John's where John and I started talking about the old NES and low and behold, John still has his old system.  We played the following games:

- Ice Hockey - John as the USA beat my Poland team.  I guess I should've taken all fat guys.
- RC Pro AM - This game is amazingly hard and addictive.  Still awesome.
- Contra - Yeah, we beat the entire game... of course it took almost 90 lives each to do it.
- Pro Wrestling - Watch out for Amazon Man- he'll bite your head off!

It was a fun weekend.  I can't believe I'm already the old man who believes that music and video games were much better "back in my day..." but BOTH WERE! 

Enjoy the day off- hopefully your place of employment recognizes the greatness of our former Presidents like Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford.


GMoney said...

RC Pro Am is underrated.

Who were some of the other wrestlers in that game? I can't think of the names other than the diabolical Amazon Man.

Tony B. said...

Starman and King Slender were two of the most popular. The game is really pretty ridiculous. It hasn't aged well.

PorkLover said...

I've been playing video games for most of my conscious life starting with the venerable Pong. I've owned the Atari 5200 and Lynx, Sega Genesis and GameGear, Nintendo NES, GBA, GameCube, DS, DS Lite, and Wii, Sony PSX, 2, and 3, and Xbox 1 and 360.

The video games of yore have a certain nostalgic charm. I still whip out an old school game and jam on it via an emulator on my Droid X. They're easy to pick up and play and were designed for short bursts of gaming sessions as opposed to the epics of today.

I spent my whole Presdient's Day playing 1 game, Assassins Creed Brotherhood; and only completed 27% of the game. Gaming has indeed changed. In that time frame, I could've completed 5 or 6 NES platformers.

However I take exception to your statement that video games are better back in your day then they are now.

Yes, games these days are more complex. However, complexity does not mean "worse". The narrative and breathe of the modern games are impressive... fully realizing gamings potential of rivaling a good Hollywood movie.

My two favorite games of the last year are Uncharted 2, and Mass Effect 2. They are incredibly gripping even after playing through a 2nd or 3rd time. No they're not simple to play, take an hour to learn and countless more to complete, and are not multi-player friendly. However, they are evocative, nuanced, and emotive.

Its a different type of gaming to be sure; an evolution. However, the existence of the modern game does not need to preclude games with the characteristics you enjoyed in your old school gaming sessions. iPhone gaming defines this space as does downloadable PSN or Xbox Live Games. How about a session of Angry Birds or playing a match of Home Run Derby against a guy from Korea.

If that doesn't fit your bill, then pop a old school classic in an emulator.

We have never had more gaming choices today. And that in the end is why gaming today is better then ever.

Tony B. said...

That was quite a post in and of itself PorkLover. All your points are well taken. "Better" and "worse" are obviously relative terms. Every time I blog, I'm essentially giving my opinion because I am the master of this domain. When I say "worse," I mean "worse in my opinion for my own playing style"- not for the general gamer/consumer of our modern day.

However, if we want to debate NES or SNES games vs. today's games, let's do it! At any point, if given the choice, I'd rather play NES or SNES games over all games made today. I will play Angry Birds and Mario Kart Wii- absolutely. But those games allow me to not take an entire few weeks to complete. I can play 30 minutes a day, if I chose, which is not an option to fully enjoy games of 30-70 hours in length.

In most cases, I'd prefer to play games that don't take tens of hours to complete. However, I've recently been debating buying Twilight Princess so I guess I am a hypocrite.