Monday, February 28, 2011

A Case of the Mondays

That was a pretty great weekend.  I had fun times, shared a few laughs, and hurt myself multiple times.  Let's get to the action. 

Friday: As always, I had a GREAT time at the Boxing Donkey!  I played a number of the new songs I've been working on ("The Cave," "Galway Girl," "Death Valley Queen," etc.) all by request.  That is what I call well timed effort!  There were a number of fun groups who sang along and made great requests, so if you are reading this and were in one of those groups, then give yourself a pat on the back!  If you're reading this and are the guy that paid me $10 to play "Let Her Cry"- then an extra special thank you goes to you!  I wish my day job paid me $10 every 4 minutes. 

I'll be back at the Donkey (300 Lincoln in Roseville, CA) on Friday March 11.  I'll be playing 9:30pm - ???.  Normally I play until 12:30 or 12:45, but on Friday I played until 1:15am.  If you all want it, who am I to refuse?

Saturday: I went to work out in the morning and had pain in my left knee.  It's so frustrating getting old.  It's like my joints have new pains each and every day.  I ended up riding the bike for 20 minutes, and I HATE riding exercise bikes.  I hate them with a passion.  The last thing I need is my ass hurting after a worse work out than running.  It's the worst of both worlds. 

Later on, I went to my brother-in-law's birthday dinner.  It was pretty fun, though nothing too spectacular happened to report.  I am bummed that I got a call for a gig and wasn't able to help out because of the prior engagement, but in no way was I going to be a dick and bail on my family.  I do pride myself with being the kind of flexible musician that can help out in last minute situations, so keep it coming if you are a musician who needs a sub or a venue that needs last minute entertainment.  Much like the songs that are requested at my shows, if I can do it, I will!

After returning home pretty late, Mrs. B. and I popped in the "Social Network."  Interesting?  Yes.  Best Picture worthy?  Eh.  I don't think so.  It was about what I thought it would be which makes me happy that I didn't see it at the theater.   Best part of the movie?  Two things- 1) the soundtrack!  2) "What's better than a million dollars?... A billion dollars!"  Nice, JT. 

Sunday: I hurt the arch of my right foot doing laundry in the morning.  See what I mean?  My rickety body is falling apart!

I was unable to run on the treadmill later in the day because of my foot injury, but it ended up being a positive in the end.  Mrs. B. has been doing "Dance Party Xtreme" aerobic classes at the gym and is performing at the Sacramento Kings game on 3/9 (vs. the Magic.)  I'm excited to go and support her.  She's been to so many shows of mine and I'm pumped to see her perform.  Anyway, from my treadmill where I was walking rather than running, I was able to see her audition in the aerobics room.  She killed it.  I was (am) very proud of her!  She's doing a great job of going to classes all the time and learning new routines all the time.  It's inspiring (and probably does keep me on a regular workout schedule as I'm going with her most days.) 

Last, I watched a little bit of the Oscars.  I'm not a huge fan, in general.  Back when I worked at Tower Records in the early 2000s, I was much more into it.  I'd watch all the movies and care about the result (go Lord of the Rings!)  Now, I could care less.  Mrs. B. made a great comment during the show.  Talking about Colin Firth's acceptance speech for Best Actor:

"This speech is about as boring as I would expect the actual movie (The King's Speech) to be." 

Well said indeed. 

Hey!  At least Trent Reznor won an Oscar for Best Original Score!  That is awesome!  I have to stop blogging now... I think I hurt myself again (yeah, I'm old.)


PorkLover said...

Kings Speech is actually a very good movie even without elves and wookies. The acting of course is amazing. Plus it allows one to make st-t-t-t-uturing jokes now.

Brandon said...

God, what little I watched of the Oscars reminded me why I never watch the Oscars. It was horrible.

I also have a hard time watching stroke victims, especially when they're trying to make jokes. It must be hard to have good comedic timing when you can't move half your face.

The only way I will watch it next year is if Brian Wilson is the host.

Tony B. said...

T-t-t-today junior! Stuttering jokes are pretty great.

Kirk Douglas and Dick Clark should join forces and create a variety show.

Brian Wilson as the Oscar host? That sounds delicious.

GMoney said...

Exercise bikes are the worst. The ass pain involved is brutal. Almost as brutal as the size of Kirk Douglas' earlobes.

I thought The Social Network was really good and I continue to be impressed by Jesse Eisenberg who always seems like a guy that I should hate. I hate those damn Winklevoss's's's's's!

Tony B. said...

I'm shocked you don't hate Jesse Eisenberg, G$. He seems like a prime target for your rage/inappropriate comments. Though, anyone who kills zombies alongside Woody from Cheers is alright in my book.

Mrs. B said...

Two thumbs up for the "Mrs. B" heavy blog today. The only correction I'll make is that it is a HIP HOP aerobic class. It's taking aerobics... to the streets! Thanks for your support, xoxo.