Tuesday, February 1, 2011


In my line of work, canceled events are going to happen.  It's just a fact of the business.  It could be weather related when canceling an outdoor event or it could be something as simple as an artist getting sick. 

However, having two concerts cancel less than a week from each other is NOT an ideal situation for anyone.  My usual stance is to never talk about work on this blog, which is why I'm being pretty vague about it all, but just know that I'm going bonkers today.  It's hard to build momentum or buzz for our venues when artists cancel so close to each other.  It is a bad coincidence, but the public doesn't care much about that- they want their shows and they don't care what it takes to get them. 

Hey, I'm the first one to recognize that the flu can be debilitating.  I got it earlier this year and could move for two days.  Luckily, I didn't have shows of my own those days, otherwise I would have had to cancel.  For the record though, I actually have never canceled a performance of my own.  Shows my have been canceled due to weather or something on the venue side, but I personally have never canceled a show.  I'm sure I just put a super-jinx on myself right there, but oh well. 

My life isn't bad, and I don't need you to play any of the worlds' smallest violins for me. Just know as you go about your day, there is a good chance I'll be getting smart-ass emails from angry college students that are naive to the way the world works.  They don't care that I personally didn't give Mike Ness flu-ridden mouth-to-mouth- they only care about the fact that there is no show tonight. 


GMoney said...

You should respond to those angry emails with proposed fantasy baseball trades. That would confuse the hell out of them.

Tony B. said...

Nice suggestion G$.

"How about Chase Utley for Roy Halladay?"

Luckily, so far the emails have been civil and understanding. I wonder if that's because Social D brings in a slightly older and wiser crowd?