Friday, February 25, 2011

Saved By The Bell - Best Of

It's never a bad day to talk about one of my favorite shows of all time- Saved By The Bell.  The tales of Zack Morris' shenanigans are legendary.  Moments where Slater wears a unitard are scary.  And Screech was just plain odd.  So what are the best episodes?  With so many out there, it's hard to choose, but I'll do my best.  Let me know which ones I miss.

First off, just know that none of the episodes involving Miss Bliss make the cut.  Those are second rate episodes and weren't originally even called Saved By The Bell (it was called Good Morning Miss Bliss- lame.)  Milo was ok, I guess, but Max was a lame best friend and Nikki was even more stuck up than Jessie.  Just because Zack hilariously invested his class's money into potato stocks, doesn't make those first episodes good.  Let's get it on!

- "Jessie's Song" This episode is well known and stands as a classic within the series.  The girls form a girl group called Hot Sundae and Jessie uses caffeine pills to cope with the pressure.  I bet kids today would laugh at this episode while drinking three cans of NOS.  Check out this video remix:

- "The Fight" This is one of my personal favorites. Zack and Slater have eyes on the new girl and they sabotage each other throughout the whole episode. The crescendo occurs when the two of them throw down UFC style in the middle of the Bayside High hallway. Of course they make up in the end by fighting again and accidentally knocking Mr. Belding's toupée into a punch bowl. Sounds ridiculous, but it's not, ok!?

- "The Fabulous Belding Boys" - This episode introduces, quite possibly, the coolest guy to ever be on Saved By The Bell (yes, he trumps even Zack.) Mr. Belding's brother Rod knew how to take control of the classroom. The kids fell in love with him. He allowed them to rip up the difficult history exam. He promised to take them white water rafting. And like Kaiser Soze, he disappeared one day to run off with Inga the stewardess. Here's a documentary about this great man:

"Rockumentary" I recently mentioned this episode and it really is one of the great ones. Zack goes all "Inception" and has an entire episode happen completely in his (SPOILER ALERT) dream. He dreams up a situation that has his band, "Zack Attack," rise to pop stardom. Casey Kasem is in the entire episode along with their hot cougar manager, Mindy that takes an inappropriate interest in teenage Zack. Hey! It's Zack's dream, he can do what he wants!

"The Game" This episode puts the gang on the Malibu Sands resort volleyball team. The get a ringer who is 7'4" and apparently has a brief romantic fling with Kelly (awesome!) The tall guy gets hurt and the gang has to come together to beat the rival club in volleyball so Zack can win Leon Carosi's 1966 Mustang. Sound ridiculous? Well it's not!

I really wanted a video of the high volleyball shot that is the climax of this episode, but I couldn't find one. Just watch the episode on TBS or something- it is well worth it!

There are so many great episodes that this list is by no means complete. Each episode has greatness. Do you like Johnny Dakota's drug use? How about Zack drunk driving and busting up Lisa's parents' car? Anything involving Tori? The gang waiting in line at the mall for concert tickets?  What about Professor Laskey in the college years dating 19 year old Kelly while he was 32 and her professor? Hawaiian Style? The Vegas wedding?

Take your pick, there really are some other great episodes of this classic show!


GMoney said...

I actually like the 2-parter at the mall for U2 tickets.

*When Slater quits the wrestling team to be a chef and Screech has to wrestle Nedick in the championship is a classic

*Buddy Bands were nice and retarded

*How ridiculous was it that they STRUCK OIL IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA!!!

*But does that top Zack finding out that he's a Native American? Chief Running Zack think not!

Tony B. said...

WE HAVE A WINNER! I did forget about the "Running Zack" episode. That was pretty progressive TV at the time!

Was that the same episode that Jessie believes her ancestors were Lisa's ancestors' slave masters? That has to be the best one ever.

GMoney said...

Oh you better believe it. She spent the entire 30 minutes offering up reparations!

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