Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thank You Notes

You know the drill- I'm still stealing from Jimmy Fallon. I'm still making his idea worse.

Dear Blake Griffin,

Thank you for being awesome. Your missed dunks are more entertaining than Carmelo Anthony's made shots. Keep taking it strong to the hole!

Tony B.


Dear Eye Dilation,

Thank you for making me look like Marilyn Manson and making me feel like my head will cave in. Good news though, my eyes haven't gotten any worse than they already are!

Tony B.


Dear Spring Training Games,

Thank you for getting here tomorrow! I need another season of Cubs' disappointment to get over the season of Bears' disappointment.

Bring it,
Tony B.


Dear Legend of Zelda Ringtone,

Thank you for making me happy when my phone rings- even if it is a number I don't know or worse- a number I know and definitely don't want to pick up.

The winner is you,
Tony B.


Dear Mexican Food,

Thank you for being so addicting and filling. I wish I could quit you- but alas, I cannot. You've weaseled your way into the heart of my stomach. I am weak to your spicy ways.

See you soon,
Tony B.


GMoney said...

Why would you ever want to quit Mexican food? It is way too delicious.

Can I do one of these? I will.

Thank you, Baron Davis, as I already assume that you've quit on your new team.

Tony B. said...

You could even assume that Baron Davis will not only quit on his team (and former and once again current coach) but that he will gain 20 lbs. by the end of the season. He'll be eating Mexican food as well!